NASA Presented a cosmic hand in the Universe: ‘the hand of God?’

April 28, 2009

The hand of God - presented by NASA.

On April 17 (2009) NASA presented a Chandra X-ray observatory including a ghostly blue cloud that resembles a hand with outstretched fingers grasping a ball of fire. According the experts, the “hand” was created when a star exploded in a supernova resulting in the radiance of electromagnetic energy. The energy created a dust + gas cloud – 150 light years away from planet earth!

The photo shows what appears to be ghostly blue fingers – the thumb and pinky are clearly discernible from the index-, ring- and middle fingers – reaching into a sparkling cloud of fiery red. The NASA scientists estimate that the moment captured on the photo above actually happened 17,000 years ago.

Patrick Slane (NASA scientist) says:

“The pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which is spewing energy out into the space around it to create complex and intriguing structures, including one that resembles a large cosmic hand.”

Source: NASA photos show giant ‘cosmic hand’


8 Responses to “NASA Presented a cosmic hand in the Universe: ‘the hand of God?’”

  1. NthPlanet Says:

    No, no, no! That’s Michael Jackson’s glove! The cosmos was telling us it would be taking Michael Jackson away from us 9 weeks later. RIP, MJ!

  2. momo. Says:

    the ignorance of people today amazes me. not thinking of death, what will happen to you when you die or even if they are going to hell or heaven. if you truly want to know what this sigh means youtube the age of appearance. for this is one of the signs for the world will come to an end soon (EVERY sooon) so be aware please for yourself, open your eyes. for once you die you can turn time back. we are mortals in this life but immortals when we die the after life. and this lisbo and gay are the biggest sinner in this life because they have went against god wish and angered god for the shell burn in hell fire. unless the ask god forgiveness and they come to their sense.

  3. Karla Says:

    hmmm…I wonder if that hand has a Simian Line 😉

  4. She Who Is Says:

    Obviously this is not the hand of God …. it is the hand of Tinkerbell, throwing pixie dust! Don’t you guys know anything??

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