What are the Palmistry book bestsellers?

What are the Palmistry book bestsellers?

Amazon’s Palmistry books TOP 100!

Amazon is known as the world’s largest book seller (since 2007 Amazon has outperformed Barnes & Nobel). Interestingly, one of the key-elements in Amazon’s success is the usability of their website – which presents an ‘Amazon sales rank’ for quite a lot of books. What are the bestsellers in the fields classic Palm Reading & modern Hand Analysis?

The Amazon Palmistry TOP 100 presents a unique collection of old & new books that have been publised in the fields of Palmistry.


Some very popular ‘classic’ palmistry works are the books presented by the US hand reader William G. Benham, UK palmist Compte De Saint-Germain, and Irish palmist Cheiro.


Some very popular ‘modern’ palmistry works are the books presented by the US palmist Nathaniel Altman, the hand analysts Richard Unger & Edward D. Campbell, and UK palmist Johnny Fincham.

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Is hand hygiene still the best strategy for swine flu prevention?

Is hand hygiene still the best strategy for swine flu prevention?

Research on hand hygiene & swine flu (H1N1 influenza) prevention!

New research points out: ‘hand-to-face touch’ is a crucial link in catching swine flu and infection is likely not limited to body-contact!

The global death toll arrived beyond 5000, and the stronger ‘momentum’ of the second wave of the H1N1 virus is now observed on 3 continents.

On wednesday september 8, Barack Obama told students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia:

“I hope you’ll all wash your hands a lot, and stay home from school when you don’t feel well, so we can keep people from getting the flu this fall and winter.”

But the new reports indicate that washing hands is likely not enough to stop the H1N1 influenza virus – so it does make sense that governments recommend an anti-virus swine flu shot!

Anyway, just remember: ‘… think about your hand hygiene!’

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The new 'Palmistry International Community Forums'.

Snapshot of the new 'Palmistry International Community Forums'.

Are you interested to ask a question about your hands? Or do you have a question about Palmistry?

You can ask your question at the:

‘Palmistry International Comunity Forums!!!’

(A review of this forum is presented at: “LET’S TALK ABOUT … HANDS!”)

This Palmistry forum had a re-start earlier this month, and offers at the new domainname www.piforums.net:

– Free assistance from some very experienced Palmists and Hand Analysts in the world!
– A rich history of discussions and shared palmistry materials!
– Palm reading analyses of the hands of Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Benazir Bhutto, Hillary Clinton, Megan Fox, Nelson Mandela, Jessica Simpson… and many more famous people & celebrities.

For example, you can also take a look at some ‘famous hands’:

* The hands of Michael Jackson!
* The hands of Barack Obama!
* The hands of Albert Einstein!
* The hands of Benazir Bhutto!

PS. NOTICE: You’ll have to join this international palmistry forum to look at the pictures & illustrations in the 1900+ discussions!!!

The right hand of the 37th US president: Richard Nixon!

The right hand of Richard Nixon.



Richard Nixon - right hand waving photo!

President Richard Nixon: right hand waving photo

Presidential Palm Reading:
the Richard Nixon ‘hand-file’!

• President: 1969-1974;
• Dexterity: right handed;
• Hand type: square palm shape;
• Fingers: normal finger length, normal index finger, long ring finger, long pinky.

Earlier this year TIME presented a photo essay on the hands of the last 9 US presidents; US palm reader Robin Gile was asked to present his palm reading for each president. Without knowing that it was Richard Nixon’s hand, this is how Robin Gile described Ford’s hand:

“An Eccentric Among Eccentrics”
“Clearly, anyone driven enough to become president is somewhat eccentric, but this, going by the angling out of the little finger, is an eccentric among eccentrics,” says Gile. “He’s a complicated soul, with a lot mental tension and passion. The long head line — the middle line in the palm [= a Sydney line] — is unusually long, indicating he probably doesn’t have an off-switch in his brain. He’s a potential insomniac, very detail-oriented and can’t stop thinking. The deep hallow in his palm says he hangs on to things and won’t let go.”


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The presidential ‘facebook’:
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Example of a left hand with a 'whorl' on the mount of Moon (hypothenar).

New research links the ‘Moon whorl’ with autism! (On top of Down syndrome & schizophrenia)

In 1892, Sir Francis Galton published his highly influential book, ‘Finger Prints’ in which he described his classification system based on the number of triradii. On of the 3 most well-known fingerprint types is the ‘whorl’ (next to the ‘loop’ and ‘arch’), which is often found on the fingertips – but rarely found on the hypothenar (in palistry: ‘mount of Moon’)!

What was already known about the ‘hypothenar whorl’?

Quote from the article:

“While the classic palmistry literature describes that the ‘hypothenar whorl’ (a.k.a. ‘whorl on mount of Moon’) can be recognized as a sign for finding a ‘highly imaginative person’, various scientific studies have indicated that dermatoglyphic whorls on the mount of moon are linked with Down’s syndrome + a few other medical problems.”


Another quote from the article:

“A study on the hands of 30 people with autism (25 men, 5 women) revealed a surprizing high percentage of a specific (very rare) variant of the ‘hypothenar whorl’ – the ‘hypothenar composite whorl’.”

Some examples of the ‘hypothenar composite whorl’ are presented below.
3 Examples of a variant of the 'hypothenar whorl': the 'hypothenar composite whorl'.

In the perspective of the fact that in the science of fingerprints the ‘composite whorl’ is related to the ‘double loop’, it is interesting to notice here that the new finding relates to an earlier reported finding which pointed out that the hands of people with autism are often featured with a ‘double loop’ in the fingerprint of the pinky finger and the presence of 2 palmar loops below that 5th finger.

In cases you’re interested to learn more about the basics of fingerprint classification – the illustration below describes the 8 most common types of fingerprints (including: 2 ‘arch’ variants, 2 ‘loop’ variants, and 4 ‘whorl’ variants).

NOTICE: The ‘composite whorl’ whorl does not belong to the 8 basic fingerprint types (the name ‘double loop whorl’ in the picture below is traditionally described as a ‘double loop’).

The 8 basic fingerprints types.


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Nail clubbing may signal lung, heart & stomach diseases.

Nail clubbing is found in 29% of lung cancer patients!

Nail clubbing has been known since the early days of the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, who recognized nail clubbing as a classic sign of disease. Today nail clubbing (a.k.a. ‘fingernail clubbing’ or the ‘Hippocratic fingernail’) is associated various lung diseases, especially lung cancer with non–small cell lung carcinoma. Nail clubbing is also linked with heart problems and gastrointestinal problems – but these are less common than lung problems.

Statistics on nail clubbing & lung cancer:

“Nail clubbing has been reported in 29% of patients with lung cancer and is observed more commonly in patients with non–small cell lung carcinoma (35%) than in patients with small cell lung carcinoma (4%).”

How to recognize ‘clubbing fingernails’?

Clubbing is usually a painless but complex fingernail disorder which often goes unnoticed of it’s presence in the hands of patients!

In individuals without clubbing, if two opposing fingers are placed together, a diamond-shaped window will appear. In clubbing, this window is obliterated and the distal angle formed by the two nails becomes wider. This is known as the Schamroth sign window test.

Schamroth's windows test is used in the diagnosis of nail clubbing.


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Fingernails grow 25% faster than 70 years ago!

Fingernails grow 25% faster than 70 years ago!

Nails grow faster on a protein diet!

Researchers from the University of North Carolina monitored 195 fingernails and 188 toenails over three months, and then compared results to a study of nail growth published by Oxford University in 1938 and another study from the 1950’s.

While fingernail growth varies among people (e.g. with age, climate), the study points out that today people’s fingernails grow 25 percent faster than 70 years ago!


The results revealed that big toenails now grow by more than 2mm a month, compared with 1.65mm in the Thirties. Thumbnail growth rate was 3mm a month in 1938 and 3.06mm in the 1950’s study. However, the average thumbnail now grows by 3.55mm a month – an increase of more than half a millimetre over seven decades.


The new results also showed that fingernails now grow by 3.47mm every month – almost twice as fast as toenails. The nails of younger people and men grow faster. The little finger nail grows much more slowly than other fingernails, at a rate of 3.08mm each month. The middle finger has the fastest-growing nail.


During post-war rationing, foods rich in protein were scarce. Instead, diets consisted of carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes and bread. However, the modern diet is rich in protein from readily available fish, meat, eggs and poultry – may be behind the spurt in nail growth.

The researchers described:

“A rapid change in the environment, lifestyle and health conditions – such as diet, physical activity and body composition – has occurred over the past 30 years. Increasing trends in adolescent and adult height, birth-weight and rate of growth have been reported. Our results indicate that there may be an increased trend in fingernail and toenail growth rate as well.”


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Distribution of finger length ratios among women.

The average ‘digit ratio’ is 0.98 among women (while 0.96 among men).

OK, you heard about those finger stories, but do you know how to measure your ‘digit ratio’?

Professor John T. Manning’s “digit ratio” – refers to the ratio between the length of your index finger and your ring finger. The following describes the basic findings of this ‘scientific’ finger research + a 3-step method on how to measure your ‘digit ratio’!

Studies have found that during gestation, testosterone has powerful effects on the developing body and brain, and can cause increased confidence, (financial) risk preferences and search persistence, as well as heightened vigiance and quickened reaction times.

The most common measure is the ratio of the index to ring finger (2D:4D) on the right hand. A relatively longer ring finger – lower 2D:4D – indicates higher prenatal testosterone levels. Men typically have scores below 1, women above 1.


1. Place your right hand firmly on the plate of a photocopier with fingers straight. Close cover of place a sheet of paper over your hand to prevent glare from overhead lights. Ensure that the bottom crease and finger tip can be clearly seen in the photocopy.

2. Use a ruler of calipers to measure the distance from the middle of the bottom crease to the tip of the finger.

3. Once you have the measures for both your ring and index finger, then divide the length of your index finger by the length of your ring finger. The result is 2D:4D (2nd digit divided by 4th digit).

Source: University of Cambridge.

Fingers of fate - how to measure your '2D:4D finger ratio'?


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