Actress Megan Fox has the clubbed thumb (BDD) – it’s a hereditary cosmetic defect!

September 14, 2009

Another Megan Fox thumb of her right thumb!Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb (BDD = brachydactyly - type D).Another Megan Fox thumb of her 'toe thumb'!
Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs!

In the summer of 2009 Megan Fox’s right thumb became news after new photos of her indicated that the beauty has a rather misshapen thumb – as compared to the ‘natural’ thumb standard that is seen everywhere in the world. What do we know about this rather remarkable type of thumb?

Having your thumb in the form of a club, which is called brachydactyly – type D (BDD), which is a minor affliction that can be found in 1 out of every 1,000 people. Local hand surgeons know everything about it there is to know.

More Megan Fox thumbs: impressions of Megan’s club thumb:

Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb (BDD = brachydactyly - type D).

Another Megan Fox thumb of her right thumb!

Another Megan Fox thumb of her 'toe thumb'!


Dr. Steven Bendner, the leading hand surgery expert at Beth Israel Medical Center, explains that the case of the thumb that looks a bit flattened and therefore shorter, is often a peculiarity that comes down in the family:

“The nail of the thumb in this condition is often very short and wide. It is usually hereditary, although it could also have been caused by frostbite, or it could have been an injury to the growth plate in childhood. While one is young, the thumb often looks more or less ordinary, but with the passing of time its shortened condition begins to stand out more and more.”

So, contrary to ‘fingernail clubbing‘, a clubbed thumb is usually nothing to worry about!

Dr. Richard Kim, director of congenital hand surgery at Hackensack Medical Center, warns us not to play down the importance of the thumb.:

“You need it to be able to touch the other fingers and it is important for pinching. In Megan Fox’s case, it appears that only the last bone of the thumb is affected and that it does not involve the joint. For her, it looks like it’s just a cosmetic deficit.”

Why this story about the Megan Fox thumb? Hopefully, knowing about Megan Fox’s little imperfection will help other people to realize that – when not overplayed by the owner – a small cosmetic defect might only add to the charms of a person. Now, maybe you would like to hear more about the ‘double thumb’ (in his case a combination of ‘polydactyly‘ & ‘syndactyly‘) of the famous Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan???

An ‘Ode to the thumb’ – by French sculptor César Baldaccini!
Fingernail clubbing might signal various medical problems!
Join the brachydactyly type D Facebook club!
The world of clubbed thumbs

Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has a double thumb – his right thumb might be the weirdest thumb that you ever saw!:

The famous Indian Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has a double thumb, an example of syndactyly.

85 Responses to “Actress Megan Fox has the clubbed thumb (BDD) – it’s a hereditary cosmetic defect!”

  1. The Megan Fox thumb tribute is now also featured with an interview with Megan talking about what she describes as her ‘thick, weird thumbs’:

  2. Lance Bates Says:

    They have been called “Royals’ thumb” or “Murderers’ thumb” I just call mine
    “Plumbthumbs”!! But I have never lost at thumb war!

  3. Shorterthumbthendarestlolasr23 Says:

    is it alway’s on the left thumb????????? lol i got a short left thumb

  4. I have the same thumb, and I feel special cuz not a lot of people have these special gift!

  5. Kim Says:

    Honestly, I don’t even see what they’re talking about. After reading the description I kinda understood more but to me it just looks like a smaller nail bed on the thumb. Not a big deal! I don’t even notice when it’s being obviously pointed out!

  6. nate Says:

    I have the same thumbs…my dad does too…but none of my kids do…ppl use to make fun of me because of them but I never let it get to me

  7. kourts Says:

    Wtf I have these thumbs, do they acc shorten? Shall I go see a doctor? Do I have all the bones I need in my thumb? And if not what happened? Why do I have this condition? What happened to me through child hood?

  8. Hahah! My both thumb is like that! I thought I was the only in the world with thumbs like that!! 🙂

  9. Anon (because i feel ashamed by my thumbs) Says:

    i feel ashamed of my thumbs, i think they let me down, my toes, thumbs and fingers r all letting me down, i get really depressed and sad when one of my friends brings up my “squished thumbs” (as they call them) now this is the first time ive looked up about my condition, im 11 and feel this is the way to forget the comments people make about my condition. when i clicked on this blog, i was shocked about the nasty comments some people make. i was born like this, the same with my bro and some of my family

    • anon (because i feel ashamed by my thumbs) Says:

      Im moving up to secondary school and i am the only person from my school going there D: Ive learnt to hide my thumbs whilst writing and when im really close to people i tuck my thumbs under my hand so no one can see them «:^_^:»

  10. megan Says:

    Really its just a thumb its not contagious and has no affect on the personality of the person so y shouldn’t she reproduce

  11. Amanda Says:

    It doesn’t look that weird to me.

  12. Sarah Hoffmann Says:

    i have the same thumbs i dont like that so i always hide them.-. Dx

  13. lbarboza Says:

    I have brachydactyly – type D and my thumbs are beautiful. It is not an imperfection and it is not a defect. It is a thumb, plain and simple. Just because it is unlike most other thumbs does not mean there is something wrong with it. Embrace what makes you different and unique!

  14. Lillyh Says:

    I agree I also have clubbed thumbs and you really shounldnt be saying tht about someone. Nobody is perfect and just because of a minor difference does not mean they can’t live their lives any different then you can.

  15. Foxy Fox Says:

    OMG that thumb is horrible looking, she should were a paper bag over her head or something

  16. rebecca sharples Says:

    How dare you say someone shouldn’t reproduce and get surgey? I have clubbed thumbs and yeah i’ve had my share of being bullied about them but they are thumbs, me writing this clearly shows that they are just like evry other kind of thumb! Your probably an ugly fuck, so why don’t you go get surgery on your face! Get a grip, its thumbs mate!

  17. toothbrush toes Says:

    What a freak. It’s people like this that polute our human genome. These people should be sterilized and not allowed to reproduce. Yuck.

    At least Megan should do us a favor and get some plastic surgery, or wear a glove, or at least get an amputation or something. At least them she will look more normal.

    I don’t even think she could give a decent handjob, let alone a real job.

    • Jessica Says:

      I think you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce! God Damn it’s just a thumb! And more people than you think have clubbed thumb. I am among those people and nobody cares. Your just being a dumb ass about all this.

    • Jack Says:

      Why are you alive?

    • M Says:

      And it’s people like you who stall our chances to accept people for how they are born. You are obviously missing a chromosome for even suggesting such a despicable “solution.”

    • stubs Says:

      Your a stupid bitch that probably isn’t foxy, go fuck yourself with your normal thumb biotch

  18. michelle Says:

    That’s disgusting. Get it fixed she’s uglier then she was before. No offence. She’s not pretty.

  19. Lily Says:

    i can’t belive megan fox has clubbed thumbs but it’s really cool

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    1)Nobel prize research works by Professors Greider and Blackburn then started to search for the specialised enzyme that makes telomere DNA – leading to the discovery of telomerase, which extends telomere DNA and delays cellular ageing.
    2)My basic research on criminals with clubbed thumb with brain line upper gradient cutting through heart line towards heart line indicating an aggressive criminal tendencies. as in the case of Dr.Mayer from Chicago.
    3)Refer: Cancer scanning Research works carried out by Chitra Theagarajan of Ponneri Velammal Institute of Technology ,B.Tech student Final year,Chennai.
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    Mr David Lefevre
    Director, Educational Technology Unit
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  21. Katie Perry Says:

    wow I never knew that!

  22. Liz K Says:

    I have the same thumbs =) I think they’re awesome and make me unique! Who says that what is normal is more beautiful? I think that being different is beautiful. Honestly, I would not want to associate with anyone who thinks that true beauty is defined by the norm!

    • Kaitlin C Says:

      I have them too. Ive always wanted to hide them cuz i dont want ppl to think im a freak. But ur right. Who cares what they think. And if its a 1 in 1,000 chance then that means we’re all really unique! 🙂

  23. D Says:

    I have the same thumbs and when people ask why I have them like that I just say that my thumbs have curves like the rest of my body.

  24. Kay Says:

    For goodness sake, let her & her fingers be. It’s the odd things that make us beautiful, whether its our faces, body, fingers, or whatever else. Let’s not look for imperfections in people so we can feel better about ourselves.

  25. Hami Says:

    This is such fascinating news. I can’t believe how important and earth changing this revelation really is. Wow!! I hope I meet all the people that contributed to this post.

  26. jesus Says:

    ugh that just makes her ugly as fuck i wouldnt tap that no more

  27. kailey Says:

    it dose not look like toes but its werid

    • handfacts Says:

      Yes, the word ‘toe thumb’ probably comes from the fact that in toes the distal phalange is typically the widest – but not in fingers!


  28. anil singh Says:

    i and my mom have thumb like that…my grandmother too..

  29. ananoadvock Says:

    Superstar gossip rules! I used to check out Perez Hilton’s web site fairly often however has some really fascinating commentary that you simply simply do not find on different websites.


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  30. jasmine Says:



  31. ananoadvock Says:

    Celebrity gossip rules! I used to take a look at Perez Hilton’s website fairly often but has some actually fascinating commentary that you simply simply do not discover on different websites.


  32. randad8 Says:

    hey, how is everyone?

  33. […] friend of mine alerted me to this via the niche website (‘Hand Facts: News about Hands!’) who recently ran an overexcited post on Megan Fox’s markedly […]

  34. Saakshi Says:

    Hi Hrithik, I am afraid it looks not good. remove that pls. What ever you achived in bollywood is a result of your hadwaork. it is not related to you extra finger…

  35. handfacts Says:

    Hello Anball,

    Thank you for your interesting comment:
    yes, the ‘clubbed thumb’ can sometimes be inherited – a characteristic related to HOXD13, gene map locus: 2q31-q32.

    Here is an interesting 4-generation family study:

    Though I should add that usually it is not seen in the hands of parents.


  36. Anball Says:

    It means wisdom 😉 my mom and I have thumbs like that

  37. Annie-Mae Says:

    my laft thumb is like that but my right is normal. Only my left thumb is like that cuz i got stung by a bee when i was little so it mustve affected it somehow.

  38. i love the dark hair of Megan Fox, it really makes her look very very sexy “”

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  42. Tim Says:

    Ive got a club thumb on both hands, what is that????

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  44. catie Says:

    I cant even bend my thumbs!

  45. brad Says:

    I would still enjoy a handjob from her.

  46. Brandon Says:

    I would still plow her. You dont even really notice it anyways. Clubbed Thumbs or not she is till freakin Sexy as hell

  47. Jana Says:

    I have very short stubby thumbs. I also have a male cousin with the same anomaly. I’ve never felt self conscious about them and even make jokes about it. It’s a bit of a challenge to text message but otherwise, my thumbs are perfect!! I’m totally digging that Megan Fox has the same pair. I also like knowing that there’s a name for it instead of “fat thumbs”.

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Jana,

      Thanks for your comment!
      By the way, there are so many names for this type of thumb – including:
      -brachydactlyly type-d (BDD),
      – clubbed thumbs,
      – stub thumbs,
      – stubby thumbs,
      – toe thumbs,
      – murderer’s thumbs … and I am sure that there are other synonyms.

      Greetings, Martijn.

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  49. fredrick Says:

    what really botheres me is all those tatoos on her body.

  50. candace Says:

    Who the hell cares?! My mom has it. I can’t believe that people are posting pictures of it, as if it’s some huge abnormality. It happens.

  51. […] • Megan Hands – a tribute to her hands & fingernails! • Megan Fox thumbs: the story of her stubby thumb! […]

  52. Legends Says:

    You know…when one focuses on imperfections, it makes it a bit hard to refocus on the more important factors of this world…in other words…Who Cares???? If you do, you may wanna take a look in the mirror…focus on the heart, not the look…
    And for Pete’s Sake (whomever Pete is) get a REAL life!

  53. […] Megan Fox Motorola Super Bowl Ad… Notice how they used a hand model to replace her stubby thumbs… It’s ok Megan… You, Me, Usher, Sanaa Lathan and other all have the defect. Mine […]

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  55. Jonathan Says:


  56. Megan Fox Says:

    What a concidence because I was looking for more personal opinions on this issue yesterday when I discovered your really helpful article…thanks a million for writing this. I will surely be checking up on your blog and visiting again to read new articles.BTW how long have you been keeping a blog? 🙂

  57. Glum Says:

    Can we not look at the club thumb…?

  58. shaniqua Says:


    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Shaniqua,

      That might be rather unusual … or do you have ‘bulby’ fingernails as well!
      I am asking because then I might actually be another finger(nail) related condition (I am thinking about the so-called ‘nail clubbing’ – a.k.a Hippocrates nails).

      Have you never wondered … ?

      Anyway, thanks for your comment!


  59. 2Normal Thumb Tom Says:

    I just barfed a little in my mouth. Well thanks, Megan is now out of my top 10!

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  62. tiffeny Says:

    i have the same thumbs

  63. JoHanna Says:

    🙂 both of my thumbs are like this!!!

  64. No way those thumbs are awesome! I know a girl who has thumbs just like megan fox, unfortunately she is not as hot. Thumbs like that are not that uncommon.

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  66. Christi Says:

    mine is like that too! i was always so embarassed about it and tried to hide it but i just saw that Megan Fox has one too and it made me realize that just beucase someone has a clubbed thumb doesnt make them not beautiful.! She is one of the MOST beautiful people and it makes me feel better about myself knwoing she has one! I used to think that it made me ugly but i guess i was wrong!

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Christi,

      It was a pleasure to read your story … and I am glad to hear that the “Megan Fox thumb report” has changed your feelings of ebarassment quite significantly!

      THANK YOU!!

      • andrea Says:

        my thumbs look exactly the same, somebody was just making fun of me minutes ago and I just laugh with that person and told her you know who else have the same thumb?? Megan Fox and e-mailed a picture. And I just realize that it does not bother me anymore, definitely beign beautiful is not about what everybody else think is about feeling secure with yourself and projecting this with other people. I hope Megan don’t get surgery done, she is still a 10 with her thumbs. 🙂

      • handfacts Says:

        Hello Andrea,

        Sounds like a great experience, thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

        Greetings from The Netherlands,


  67. OMG, my sister’s left thumb is like Megan Fox’s. The nail is wide and is very short.

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