A budding singer from Las Vegas cut her nails for the last time about 18 years ago – resulting in fingernails total nearly 19 feet + 9 inches long! Guinness Records announced a few days ago that Chris Walton will receive a notification in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records!

An impression from Chris Walton’s life:

“I never set out to make it into Guinness,” she says. “It just happened. One day I stopped cutting my nails. I liked the way they looked. And they just kept growing.”

An even more impressive Guinness World Record holder for longest nails is Lee Redmond from Salt Lake City. Her fingernails measured a total of 28 feet in 2008, but in 2009 she lost her nails in a car crash.

The story about Chris Walton’s fingernails:

Chris Walton has the longest fingernails!

Emily Wang – a beauty journalist from London – wrote an interesting article about various aspects of fingernails, including: beauty tips, a basic review of the nail structure, changes in nail color & texture,  and… the meaning of fingernail types according traditional Chinese medicine!

A short impression from her article:

The Truth about Your Nails‘:

“Interestingly enough- according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our nails are also able to portray our innate constitutions.

If your nail shape is naturally:

Oblong – You are harmonious and well-balanced.
Stock and square – You are earthy and balanced but mentally rigid.
Long – You are artistic and creative but lack physical strength.
Oval – You are sensitive and have a weak digestive system.

found this to be shockingly accurate!
Some interesting reads

I used to have artificial nails, acrylic nails and gel nails consistently for two years that I never got to see my natural nails until I decided to take them off for good. My nails became so weak that they felt and bended like paper. At some point they became sensitive to touch, and were unable to grow to a normal standard length before it eventually chipped away.

It therefore took a good year before they even came close to regaining to a healthy state. During this time I had to be mentally aware of what I ate, and made sure that I had substantial amount of vitamins and nutrients that were essential for healthy nail growth.

I am writing from experience. I know what it is like to have that moment where at the time, having fake nails is beautiful. Going to a nail salon, and getting your nails done feels like luxury.
But think about it. Can you really have fake nails for the rest of your life?

The answer is no. And that is why I had decided to be more natural and love my nails as they are. I have learnt to take really good care of my nails, and as my grandmother has always said to me – that “a woman’s fortune depends on her hands and feet.”

Not that I believe in it, but at least now my fingernails look and feel healthy- without needing to spend money doing it up

A little side note…. my younger sister had a “cheese on toast” addiction for a couple of months where she ate it for breakfast before going to school almost everyday. Luckily, because of our family genes, she did not gain any weight from it whatsoever, however we all noticed that her nails improved drastically. She is the only person I know that has the strongest, healthiest looking nails. Extremely envious! I don’t think I could eat cheese on toast everyday…… maybe jacket potatoes!

Fingernails & diseases , fingernails & disorders & fingernail art

Fingernails grow 25% faster than 70 years ago!

Fingernails grow 25% faster than 70 years ago!

Nails grow faster on a protein diet!

Researchers from the University of North Carolina monitored 195 fingernails and 188 toenails over three months, and then compared results to a study of nail growth published by Oxford University in 1938 and another study from the 1950’s.

While fingernail growth varies among people (e.g. with age, climate), the study points out that today people’s fingernails grow 25 percent faster than 70 years ago!


The results revealed that big toenails now grow by more than 2mm a month, compared with 1.65mm in the Thirties. Thumbnail growth rate was 3mm a month in 1938 and 3.06mm in the 1950’s study. However, the average thumbnail now grows by 3.55mm a month – an increase of more than half a millimetre over seven decades.


The new results also showed that fingernails now grow by 3.47mm every month – almost twice as fast as toenails. The nails of younger people and men grow faster. The little finger nail grows much more slowly than other fingernails, at a rate of 3.08mm each month. The middle finger has the fastest-growing nail.


During post-war rationing, foods rich in protein were scarce. Instead, diets consisted of carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes and bread. However, the modern diet is rich in protein from readily available fish, meat, eggs and poultry – may be behind the spurt in nail growth.

The researchers described:

“A rapid change in the environment, lifestyle and health conditions – such as diet, physical activity and body composition – has occurred over the past 30 years. Increasing trends in adolescent and adult height, birth-weight and rate of growth have been reported. Our results indicate that there may be an increased trend in fingernail and toenail growth rate as well.”


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Lee Redmond used a protein-diet to grow her Guinness World Record (female) ‘longest fingernails’!

Lee Redmond's Guinness World Record longest fingernails - measuring 8.65m long [28-ft 4-in] at some time before the car crash.

Lee Redmond had the world’s longest fingernails – 8.65m long [28-ft 4-in] – but lost them in a car crash earlier this year.

Guinness World Records reports about Lee Redmond: her story after the car accident

On a whim back in 1979, Lee Redmond decided to stop filing her nails. She intended to cut them off once they started twisting, but her plans changed. In 2002 she entered the Guinness World Records book for the world’s longest fingernails on a female pair of hands. On february 11th, 2009 Lee Redmond shocked the world with the loss of her fingernails in a car crash. Last week Guinness World Record has unveil her story after the car accident.

Fortunately, despite the loss of her record ‘long fingernails’, Lee Redmond has been doing just fine and she discovered: “There is more to life than nails!!”

In an exclusive interview with Guinness World Records she said:

“After the accident, not my children, but my great grand babies, they wanted me to glue them back on! I always did everything with them, but now it’s so much easier to do things now. The weight is so different, so much. In fact my hands seem to fly with the weight gone.”

Guinness World Records announced that they have decided to honour Lee Redmond popular finger record in the 2010 ‘The Book of the Decade’ – featured with a striking photograph of Lee pictured alongside fellow American Melvin Boothe, the male owner of the longest finger nails (9.05-m-long/29ft 8in), which was taken just a few months prior to her accident (see the photo below).


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Fingernail quality depends on humidity & climate!

Lee Redmond & Melvin Boothe on a 2008 photoshoot:

Lee Redmond & Melvin Boothe on a 2008 photoshoot.

Lee Redmond describes her story after the car crash:

British researchers linked weather with fingernail quality!

Learning fingernail manicure is helpfull, but the weather will shape your fingernails!

New fingernail research has pointed out that the weather is an important factor in the quality of our fingernails. British researchers found that a humidity of 55% will lead to strong, lengthy nails.

While a lower humidity will make you fingernails more brittle; a higher humidity will make your fingernails more bendy!

Researcher Dr Stephen Eichhorn said:

“We have found that fingernails cope remarkably well over a range of humidities – but it is best not to get them completely dry or wet. At an average of 55pc humidity, which is what you would experience normally, it appears nails have their optimum mechanical properties, and resist bending.”

“The mechanical properties of fingernails are important because of their impact in preventing damage and in maintaining their appearance. ‘In particular, knowing the effect of local environmental conditions can tell us how they might best be protected.”

The research team presented their work in a recent issue of The Journal of Biomechanics.

A humidity of 55% is a perfect weather for optimum fingernail growth.


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Michael Jackson's fingernails at the World Music Awards, november 15, 2006.Michael Jackson's fingernails spotted earlier this year (february, 2009).
Michael Jackson’s fingernails in 2006 (left) & 2009 (right) – ‘click’ for larger versions!

Michael Jackson’s abnormal fingernails, not related to the vitiligo nor the lupus!

While the autopsy results related to Michael Jackson’s death are still unknown (which will likely be presented later this week), there are still many discussions about the state of Michael Jackson’s health – less than 2 weeks before his death his health was described by Dr. Tohme Tohme (a spokesman of Jackson) as: a ‘perfect health‘…?

Michael Jackson was diagnosed in 1986 with vitiligo and lupus. Lupus is known as a potentially lethal disease (heart disease is a major complication in lupus!), but in Michael Jackson it was described to be in remission. Nevertheless, one can wonder: can his fingernail problems be related to the vitiligo and/or the lupus? The answer appears to be a ‘no’:

Vitiligo is related to the following nail disorders:

• Longitudinal striations;
• Trachyonychia (thin & lusterless nails);

Lupus is related to the following nail disorders:

• Nail spooning;
• Irregular, twisted, and dilated vessels at the cutticle.


Out of the 4 described fingernail disorders related to vitiligo and lupus, the 4th can be related to his hand deterioration that was observed in 2009. But none of these fingernail disorders can be related to the typical looks of Michael Jackson’s fingernails during the last 3 years of his life.

But one should not forget that Michael Jackson’s fingernail problems were first recognized by the media in 2006, when members of Michael Jackson’s family were terrified that his escalating dependence on prescription drugs had become a danger to his life.

While Michael Jackson’s lupus was considered to be in remission, one could also speculate that his hand deterioration + his sudden death might have signaled a lupus relapse … due to an excessive use of prescription drugs???


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Michael Jackson’s white hand glove was to cover the skin disease vitiligo’!
Michael Jackson’s hand cast at Madame Tussauds!
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Michael Jackson’s single white hand glove!
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Another example which illustrates that the “King of Pop” had severe nail problems:
Michael Jackson's dark fingernails.

Was Michael Jackson’s hand deterioration a clue to his sudden death?

One month ago we reported that earlier this year ‘horrible’ photos of Michael Jackson’s hands had arrived in the media speculating about his fight with aging. Now we found an earlier photo of his left hand that confirms that the deterioration of his hands had gone very fast!

Let’s take a look at the deterioration of Michael Jackson’s hand between 2006 and 2009!

The left hand of Michael Jackson taken at the Guinness World Records event in 2006!

The left hand of Michael Jackson taken at the Guinness World Records event in 2006!


In 2006 a Dailymail report described Michael Jackson’s left hand (see the photo ABOVE) as:

“… his brown, cracked nails were desperately in need of a little attention.”


In 2009 a Dailymail report described Michael Jackson’s hands (see the photo BELOW) as follows:

“The singer’s fingers and nails appeared to be in a terrible state when he stepped out this week. … His hands looked very discoloured and skin looked like it was dangling from his fingers. His fingernails could only be described as a manicurist’s worst nightmare.”

What are the major changes in Jackson’s nails over the past few years?

One striking aspect appears to be the color at the base of his fingernails (where usually the white lunula or ‘nail moons’ are found): while in 2006 the color of that aspect of his nails appeared to be ‘dark redish’, in 2009 it had definitely become ‘brownish’.

An interesting ‘in memorium’ report about the hands of Michael Jackson describes that brown nail moon – a very unusual nail disorder – are only known to be caused by medical drugs that are being used to treat cancers of HIV (Aids). So, the ‘rare’ state of Michael Jackson’s nails indicates that the recent rumours (may 2009) that he had skin cancer could have been close to the truth. For, obviously his fingernails have indicated that Michael Jackson was not in a ‘perfect health’ at all – as stated by Dr. Tohme Tohme (a spokesman of Jackson) to the New York Daily News!

By the way, Dr. Tohme Tohme denied today in an interview with Vegas Confidential that he was one of Jackson’s doctors:

“I don’t have anything to do with his (Jackson’s) medication or health.”

To be continued?

Recent photos of Michael Jackson’s hands (february 2009).
The right hand of Michael Jackson in 2009!

How Michael Jackson's single white hand glove became his trademark.

How Michael Jackson’s single white hand glove became his trademark!

Jackson’s single white glove (later covered in silver sequins) made its television debut on Michael’s left hand during his stunning performance of “Billy Jean” at Motown’s 25th anniversary TV special in 1983 – and it was also featured in the “Billy Jean” videoclip. What is the symbolic meaning of this ‘strange’ aspect of his work?

Michael described the glove as a symbol of his ‘onstage life’ – the “magic” that he so frequently spoke about, the “escapism,” as he put it, that he felt was his mission to “give to” an audience. The glove seemed to go hand in hand with the magical white light that always is seen streaming through the movies of film director Steven Spielberg – who was a good friend of Michael Jackson.

“I wish we could all spend some time in his world,” Spielberg said about his friend, but for Spielberg and most members of his audience, it would only be a tourist venture. Michael Jackson lives in that world all the time and the glove is a connection between that world and his audience on the outside. It beckons them to cross over, at least for a time.
Michael was once asked why he was wearing the piece of stage clothing offstage (actually in a hospital burn unit) and in a most innappropriate circumstance and he replied, “this way I am never offstage.”

In february the DailyMail reported that his fingers and nails are in a terrible state of condition: with discoloured fingernails, puffy reddened skin, and prominent veins. Thought these are only typical sign of aging, a few days ago rumours arrived that ‘The King of Pop’ has skin cancer.

It appears that Jackson was able to wave away the ‘rumours’ for quite a while, but with the arrival of news that Michael Jackson’s died reality has dramatically whiped away the rumours about his health.


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The King of Pop’s last hand wave: good-bye Michael …

Michael Jackson's hand wave.

The International Behavioral & Medical Biometrics Society.

The IBMBS presents the 4th biometrics conference in 2009!

One of the side-effects of extremist muslim terrorism appears to be that the budgets for biometric investments keep growing each year – merely because ‘identity’ and ‘security’ have become major themes in all societies around the world. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of biometry that are related to the human hand.

Jean-François Mainguet presents on his website an overview of 20 types of biometrics. The following 5 aspects of the hand play a significant role in modern biometrics:

Fingerprints play an important role in biometrics!


Hand / finger geometry is a minor issue in the field of biometrics.

Hand / finger geometry

Hand vein / vascular pattern biometry is becoming more important!

Vein / vascular pattern

Nail features is a minor aspect in biometry.


Some additional aspects of the hand (and the use of the hand) that relate to biometric research are: handwriting, hand tapping, knuckle creases, hand pressure profile, finger wrinkles, and 3D finger surface.

The following 2 sources present some info about upcomming biometric events:
Biometric events in 2009
The 4th conference of the International Behavioral & Medical Biometrics Society

Brittle nails: a common condition, occurring in about 20% of people.


About 20% of people have brittle nails. The typical peeling signs & symptoms of a brittle nail include: dry, peeling at the nail tip, horizontal layers (or vertical splitting), breaking off easily, a rough structure. Usually more women than men develop brittle nails – often due to the use of nail products!

Only in rare cases severe brittle nails are caused by medical problems varying from: Raynaud’s disease, lung conditions, skin diseases such as: psoriasis.

However, next to the use nail products & working in humid environments, the major cause of brittle nails is malnutrition!


It is important that your daily food includes all the essential amino acids. Like every other part of your body, nails do needs supply of nutrients. Thin spoon shaped nails on the fingers characterises iron and zinc deficiencies. Good sources of iron include green leafy vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, liver, dried dates, raisins, bajra and jaggery. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb iron. Try taking citrus fruit along with iron rich meals.
A healthy diet helps to avoid brittle nails.
Quote from Sify:

“Zinc containing foods are excellent for brittle nails and infection of the surrounding skin. Mineral calcium does not have many roles in strengthening the nails. It is a myth that the white flecks on the nails are caused by calcium deficiency. Actually it is caused because of over manicuring or in rare instances a zinc deficiency.”


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