The SaeboStretch.The SaeboReach.The SaeboFlex.

BIONIC HANDS – 2004: Saebo presents SaeboFlex!

In 2004 Saebo presented their version of the bionic hand, a medical hand-device named the ‘SaeboFlex’. The ‘SaeboStretch’, ‘SaeboFlex’ and ‘Saeboxreach’ were developed in cooperation with CHMG Capital LLC, a Charlotte based provider of home health care that serves many stroke patients.

Interestingly, the founders of Saebo are Star Trek fans. The Saebo motto – “No Plateau in Sight” – refers to the idea that Saebo products help stroke patients continually improve their ability to work their hands and arms. One of the founders explained the logo of interlocking chevrons to The Charlotte Observer:

“We’re Star Trek fans,” Hoffman said, alluding to the insignia worn by Captain Kirk and Mister Spock. He was joking.

In 2004 Saebo already reported to have sold more than 1000 ‘SaeboFlex’ devices. In 2006 Saebo introduced the ‘SaeboStretch’ for national distribution, while the network then had grown to over 1,800 Saebo-trained occupational & physical therapists in the USA. And the ‘SaeboReach’ has become the newest upper extremity product in the Saebo family.

Since then the Saebo Program has been offered as a treatment option at over 2,000 clinics and hospitals in the US, including 22 of the “Top 25 Rehabilitation Hospitals” as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Saebo has also expanded their basis to e.g. Greece and Germany. And in 2008 the Saebo Program was named ‘Most Valuable Product’ by Therapy Times.

Demonstrations of the Saebo Program are availabe at the Saebo Youtube channel.

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27 Characteristics of the hand in Fragile X syndrome (Xq27).

Phantom picture of the hand in Fragile X syndrome!

In 1986 A. Rodewald et al. presented the first ‘phantom picture’ describing the typical hand characteristics in Fragile X syndrome (e.g. hand calluses & flexible finger phalange joints). But more detailed ‘phantom pictures’ were never presented since then. This month (february 2010) a more detailed updated version of the visualisation became available – featuring 28 characteristics of the hand in Fragile’s syndrome!

What are the most common hand characteristics in Fragile X syndrome?

A common characteristic is the presence of the famous ‘simian line‘; an alternative is the presence of a Sydney line.

Here one should especially notice the fingerprints of the 3rd finger (and the 2nd + 4th finger); often these demonstrate the presence of ‘radial loop’ patterns and/or arch patterns (the normal ‘ulnar loop’ patterns are less common in Fragile X syndrome) – combined with a ‘transverse’ pattern in the palmar ridge lines in the distal palmar zone.

The palm width (hand breadth) is relatively broad, and the palm length is usually a bit short. Finger length is relatively long compared to the palm length, but slightly short compared to the palm breadth.

NOTICE: The author of the new ‘phantom picture’ for Fragilex syndrome described a specific guideline which states that in most cases of Fragile X syndrome certain combinations of the 28 characteristics are found in both the fingers AND the palm of the hand!

More details available at:
How to use the famous ‘simian crease’ as a marker in Fragile X syndrome!

Photo: example of a baby hand with hyperextensible finger joints – a common feature in Fragile X syndrome.
Example of a baby hand with hyperextensible finger joints - a common feature in Fragile X syndrome.

Megan Fox has a stubby thumb, featured with a short, broad fingernail!A tribute to the unusual thumb nails of beauty queen Megan Fox - she has BDD (Brachydactyly - type D).Megan Fox's right hand palm - notice the bulby thumb nail phalange!

Megan Hands – a tribute to her hands & fingernails!
Megan Fox thumbs: the story of her stubby thumb!


In the summer of 2009 Megan Fox’s right thumb became a hot news item in ‘gossip land’ after new photos revealed that the beauty – who was voted in 2008 by FHM as the sexiest woman in the world – has a rather remarkable ‘minor physical anomaly’ (MPA): a stubby thumb – featured with a broad, short fingernail in both hands (see the pictures below).


But Megan Fox’s thumbs became world news after a Daily mail reporter had noticed that when Megan Fox appeared on february 7, 2010 in a Motorola commercial during the Super Bowl event … her hands were replaced by a ‘hand double’ with much longer fingernails: see the pictures below!

Megan Fox’s right thumb (left) + an impression from the Motorola Super Bowl commercial (right), featured with the youtube version of the full commercial (below):

Megan Fox's thumb of her right hand.The standin 'hand double' in the Motorola Super Bowl commercial!



The recent news about Megan Fox’s clubbed thumbs has generated a rainbow of negative responses. But probably miss Fox is not responsible her for the hand double replacement in the Motorola Super Bowl commercial – which was probably a decision made by the producers (last year a likewise report was noticed regarding the hands of Madonna).

A few more impressions of Megan Fox’s thumbs & fingernails:

Clubbed thumbs: a Megan Fox thumb tribute.

Megan Fox's stubby thumb is featured with a bulbly short thumb nail phalange.

A final but not unimportant notification…

Knowing about Megan Fox’s little imperfection will help other people to realize that – when not overplayed by the owner – any small cosmetic defect might only add to the charms of the person!

An ‘Ode to the thumb’ – by French sculptor César Baldaccini!
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Portrait of Giacomo Casanova.
Portrait of Giacomo Casanova by Pietro Longhi.

‘Giacomo Casanova had the long ring finger!’

In the history of the world literature there are many references to variations in the length of fingers. But of all revelations none are more lively than the informative comment in the memoirs of Giacomo Casanova (Jacques Casanova de Seingalt, 1725-1798). Finger professor John T. Manning points points out in ‘The Finger Book’ to an anecdote of Casanova – who has been described as the ‘world’s greatest lover’.

Finger professor John T. Manning.

Manning writes on page 2 of his second book The Finger book:

“Casanova was an eighteenth-century musician, gambler, soldier, philosopher, writer, librarian, aspiring priest and, of course, womaniser. It is anecdotal but entirely unsurprising that we find from his diaries that he had a ring finger noticably longer than his index finger.”

“Casanova’s adventures took him across Europe, and it is during his stay in Spain that we learn of the relative length of his fingers. At the time Casanova was enjoying the hospitality of the German neoclassical painter Anton Raphael Mengs. Today Mengs’s work is often regarded as cold and contrived, but at the time he was seen by many as Europe’s greatest living painter, and Goya was one of his many students.”

“In the course of his stay Casanova’s relations with his host were less than cordial. Mengs was openly scathing at what he saw as Casanova’s neglect of his religious duties, and he even attempted to evict Casanova from his household after he had failed to take the sacrament at Easter. Casanova meanwhile complained that Mengs was a lascivous, bad-tempered, jealous, avaricous drunkard who beat his children to excess.”

“It is against this background of growing mutual dislike that Casanova recounts a dispute in which he drew Mengs’s attention to the hand of the pricipal figure in one of his paintings, claiming that it was faulty because the ring finger was shorter than the index finger. Mengs assured him this was the correct human condition, showing Casanova his own long index finger and short ring finger. Laughing, Casanova displayed his badge of prenatal masculinity, and asserted that he was sure that his ring finger, unlike Mengs’s, was ‘like that of all children descended from Adam’. A wager of a hundred pistoles was made, and a hurried comparison with the ring fingers of the painter’s servants showed the ‘Casanova pattern’ to be the more common.”

The Memoirs of Giacomo Casanova di Seingalt.

Peters et al. (2002) reported that Casanova made two clear statements: first, that the ring finger is relatively longer than the index finger and, second, that this is the case for both men and women. What follows is a quote from the work of Casanova (The Memoirs of Casanova: Spanish Passions) about one of his conversations with the German neoclassic painter Anton Raphael Mengs.


… Once I dared to tell him that he had made a mistake in the hand of one of his figures, as the ring finger was shorter than the index. He replied sharply that it was quite right, and shewed me his hand by way of proof. I laughed, and shewed him my hand in return, saying that I was certain that my hand was made like that of all the descendants of Adam.

“Then whom do you think that I am descended from?”
“I don’t know, but you are certainly not of the same species as myself.”
“You mean you are not of my species; all well-made hands of men, and women too, are like mine and not like yours.”
“I’ll wager a hundred doubloons that you are in the wrong.”

He got up, threw down brushes and palette, and rang up his servants, sayin,-

“We shall see which is right.”

The servant came, and on examination he found that I was right. For once in his life, he laughed and passed it off as a joke, saying-

“I am delighted that I can boast of being unique in one particular, at all events.”

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Matthew Scott received in 1999 the world's first hand transplantation.Matthew Scott demonstrating his hand transplantation.

BIONIC HANDS – 1999: Matthew Scott got the first hand transplant!

On january 24, 1999 Matthew Scott became the first man who received successful hand transplant. In 2009 Matthew was able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his hand transplant. It was performed in Kentucky by a team of doctors from Jewish Hospital, the University of Louisville and Kleinert Kutz & Associates.

Mr. Scott lost his dominant left hand on December 23, 1985 in a blast from an M80 firecracker.

He is now independent in his activities of daily living, although admits that he had to relearn everything necessary with a prosthetic device to achieve independence. Before the hand transplant, Mr. Scott was using an Otto Bach myoelectric prosthetic device.


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Thom Yorke's finger length!Thom York has the simian line (simian crease).Thom York has the simian crease! | 'Incomplete' simian line

Tribute to the hands of Thom Yorke!
Famous simian line holders!

Thom Yorke thumbs & the simian line…

The simian line (a.k.a. ‘simian crease’) is the most studied line of the human hand. Despite it’s associations with Down syndrome (+ a rainbow of other medical problems), quite a few famous people have the simian line. Radiohead’s leadsinger Thom York has a variant of the classic simian line in his right hand – an ‘incomplete simian crease‘. What do we know about the most ‘notorious’ of all hand lines?

Having a simian line is not very uncommon at all: about 2% to 4% of the population has this rather remarkable hand line – though in Asia the percentages are higher up to above 10% in Chinese people.

Rather remarkable – despite the strong links with various medical problems – some believe that the simian line can also be recognized as a ‘gift marker‘ which could relate to strong personality characteristics that bring stamina, intensity and strong concentration.

More Thom Yorke thumbs of his simian line:

Thom York has the simian line (simian crease).

Thom York has the simian crease! | 'Incomplete' simian line

Thom Yorke's finger length!


Another fascinating characteristic of the hands of Thom Yorke concerns his fingerlength: his ring finger is much longer than his pointer finger.

Interestingly the long ring finger has historically been associated with musical abilities. Professor John Manning (Liverpool University) presented in 2000 a study which pointed out that the hands of male symphony musicians are characterised with a likewise combination: the low ‘digit ratio’ – of 2D:4D finger ratio (2D = index finger; 4D = ring finger).

Quote from Professor John T. Manning’s book ‘digit ratio’ (page 121):

“Sorell (1968) pointed out that musical ability has been linked with very long ring fingers for many years. He illustrated this with handprints from composers such as Alexander Tcherpenin and Edgar Varese, but the most powerful image he showed in this context was that of a cast of Franz Liszt’s right hand (Sorell 1968, 187). In this cast Liszt’s ring fingers is strikingly dominant in length, with the middle phalanx making up an apparently disproportionate part of the finger. These are anecdotal observations, but measurements of casts and photographs of the hands of eminent musicians may wel reveal very low 2D:4D ratios.”

By the way, extreme digit ratios (finger lengths) are – just like the ‘simian crease’ (Thom Yorke) and the ‘clubbed thumb’ (Megan Fox) – recognized as a ‘minor physical anomaly’ (MPA).

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