We meet each hand at one of the 16 locations, but who do we meet at which locations? The task provided by this QUIZ is to find the right ‘connections’ between the 16 hands & the 16 destinations!


The 16 destinations are:

1 France – 2 Italy – 3 Kenya – 4 India
5 Tibet – 6 Thialand – 7 China – 8 Japan
9 Indonesia – 10 Australia – 11 Tahiti – 12 USA
13 Colombia -14 Bolivia -15 West Sahara -16 Marocco

And the names of the 16 hands are:

A: Bounty man – B: The Warrior – C: The Milkmaid – D: Woman of Grace –
E: Peipa player – F: Mr. Balls – G: Llama weaver – H: The Dancer –
I: Crocodile Dundee – J: The Guard – K: Lucky Luck – L: Mandala artist –
M: Mr. Stoned – N: Checkers player – O: Nana at festival – P: Woman with Fan

Here you can find a large version of each of the 16 hand photos (the first 4 examples are listed below) + some early attempts of people trying to solve this QUIZ:
Hands – A Journey Around the World

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A – Bounty man:

B – The Warrior:

C – The Milkmaid:

D – Woman of Grace:

 In 1988 a very unusual hand therapy became available at various Spa centers in the world, named: ‘Doctor fish’. Doctor fish are a species called Garra Rufa (and Cyprinion Macrostomus) – which originate in pools near two small Turkish towns, Kangal and Sivas. In non-medical contexts, Garra rufa is called the reddish log sucker. They have long been known for their ability to treat the symptoms of skin conditions, especially: psoriasis!

“Doctor fish” – so named for their ability to produce healthy, glowing results from even the most crusty or diseased epidermis – are the key ingredient in a spa and skin treatment becoming increasingly popular across Turkey, Japan, China, Europe and the US.

The idea is that you immerse your hands, feet, or, if you are brave enough, your entire body in a warm pool that swarms with hundreds of hungry minnow-sized feeders. The fish zoom in on your most crusty, flaky or scabby skin and chomp away at it to reveal the fresh layer beneath. According to the spas and their enthusiasts, you emerge refreshed, healthy, buffed and glowing.

Let’s shake hands with the hand fish!
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Evolution: from fish to human!

MODERN HAND READING - The New International Community for Reading Hands![tweetmeme source=”handresearch” only_single=false] Are you interested to ask a question about your hands? Or do you have a question about Palmistry / Palm Reading? You can now post your question and start participating in the discussions at:

Modern Hand Reading Forum – the new international community! 

And follow the latest news & developments related to modern hand reading! 


The new forum offers e.g.:

– Free assistance by some very experienced Palmistry, Hand Analysis & Chirology experts in the world!
– A rich history of sources, discussions and shared palm reading materials!

For example, you can also take a look at some ‘famous hands’:

• The hands of director Quentin Tarantino
• The hands of actor Denzil Washington
• The hands of supermodel Heidi Klum
The hands of 10 US presidents
And many more!!

PS. NOTICE: You can take a look into the forum without joining; if you would like to participate in the discussions your will have to join and become a member!!!

Four example photographs of hands and arms scoring high or low on the ‘Hand Masculinity Index’: (a) High masculinity male hand; (b) low masculinity male hand; (c) high masculinity female hand; (d) low masculinity female hand.

Like faces, hands and forearms may provide cues to quality and sex-typical hormone exposure used in mate choice. Untill recently finger length (ratio) was the only measure that has been used to evaluate hand attractiveness. But last year (december 2009), L.K. Dane presented a rather surprizing Ph. D. disertation study at the University of New Mexico which provides quite a lot of new insights aboutwhat makes hands attractive for the opposite sexe!

A quick summary of the key-results:

“Men with male typical hand index scores, low 2D:4D digit ratio and high ridge counts were rated as more masculine, dominant, intelligent, healthy and as good parents. Women with feminine hands, high 2D:4D digit ratio and high ridge counts were rated as more feminine. Results were mostly consistent with similar research on faces.”

The results also confirmed that the ‘masculinity’ factor of the hands plays a major role in how attractive / appealing hands are for the other sexe. In men a positive correlation was found between ‘hand masculinity’ and both the ‘face masculinity’ and ‘face attractiveness’. In women a positive correlation was found between ‘hand masculinity” and ‘face masculinity’, while a negative correlation was found between ‘hand masculinity’ and ‘face attractiveness’.

At first sight this may sound not as a big surprize. But a fascinating aspect inside the results is that in men the correlation between ‘hand masculinty’ and ‘face attractiveness’ is even higher (more significant) than the correlation between ‘hand masculinity’and ‘face masculinity’!!

Another interesting element provided by the study is that features of the arm were observed as well:

“Within men, an analysis of separate hand and arm ratings indicated that a combination of masculine hands with less masculine forearms was most attractive.”

A re-definition of the word ‘handsome’?

The result of the study clearly illustrate how ‘masculinity’ in men appeals to women:

While women like men to have ‘masculine hands’… but women do not mind at all when a man’s body (arm + face) is a little bit less masculine than their hands are!!

Why do women have this preference?? The answer remains unclear: but maybe it is related to the fact that only the hands provide ‘genetic’ cues about sexually dimorphic characteristics (2D:4D digit ratio, fingerprints & ridge counts) that are already established before birth!

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 What your physique reveals about your health!

White spots are probably the most common ‘abnormality’ that can be observed in fingernails. Many people associate them with calcium deficiency, but the truth is that usually they do not relate to any health problem at all! In medical science white spots in fingernails are also known as ‘leukonychia punctata’ – which related to the presence of nucleated keratinocytes (contrary: narrow white lines in the nails are known as ‘transverse leukonychia’). Usually white spots are caused by random minor trauma – which also explains why they are relatively common in the hands of children!

Zinc deficiency? – Yep!

Sometimes white spots can indicate a zinc deficiency!

White spots can sometimes be associated with a zinc deficiency – this was e.g. pointed out in a 1974 study, titled: ‘Fingernail white spots: possible zinc deficiency.

But in general, one should not expect to find a zinc deficiency when a person has only a few white spots. Because actually, a number of conditions can arise from a lack of zinc. One of the most important, which also lead to its discovery, was the stunting of growth and the lack of sexual development in adolescent boys; adding zinc to the diet brought about a rapid improvement. Skin complaints such as dermatitis and a condition called acrodermatitis in babies may result from deficiency, and there may be slow healing of burns and wounds. So zinc deficiency may show up as white spots or bands on fingernails, but probably only when other conditions manifest as well!

Calcium deficiency? – Nope!

White spots do NOT indicate a calcium deficiency!

The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports: “There is no evidence to support a relationship between the white flecks and calcium or any other nutritional deficiency. Of course it is possible that people who have white flecks in their fingernails may coincidentally be deficient in calcium. White spots in fingernails may result from minor damage caused by bumping the nails into hard surfaces like bench tops or machinery. These white flecks are different from the white bands that are observed in nails of some undernourished children in developing countries, and in people who have low blood protein levels for various reasons.”


NOTICE: Thin, brittle nails can be caused by calcium deficiency!




Iron deficiency? – Nope!

White spots do NOT indicate an iron deficiency!

NOTICE: Spoon-shaped nails (see photo below) may be a clue to a thyroid deficiency or iron deficiency anemia!

So, despite the many assocations – most of the stories about ‘white spots’ in fingernails are myths that are proably based on false anecdotal evidence!

The clubbing nail: developments, treatment & prevention!
Hands on lung cancer: the clubbing fingernail!
Fingernail disorders & medical hand analysis!
What are the most common nail disorders?
Megan Fox has a ‘clubbed thumb’ – not to be confused with ‘fingernail clubbing’!

Emily Wang – a beauty journalist from London – wrote an interesting article about various aspects of fingernails, including: beauty tips, a basic review of the nail structure, changes in nail color & texture,  and… the meaning of fingernail types according traditional Chinese medicine!

A short impression from her article:

The Truth about Your Nails‘:

“Interestingly enough- according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our nails are also able to portray our innate constitutions.

If your nail shape is naturally:

Oblong – You are harmonious and well-balanced.
Stock and square – You are earthy and balanced but mentally rigid.
Long – You are artistic and creative but lack physical strength.
Oval – You are sensitive and have a weak digestive system.

found this to be shockingly accurate!
Some interesting reads

I used to have artificial nails, acrylic nails and gel nails consistently for two years that I never got to see my natural nails until I decided to take them off for good. My nails became so weak that they felt and bended like paper. At some point they became sensitive to touch, and were unable to grow to a normal standard length before it eventually chipped away.

It therefore took a good year before they even came close to regaining to a healthy state. During this time I had to be mentally aware of what I ate, and made sure that I had substantial amount of vitamins and nutrients that were essential for healthy nail growth.

I am writing from experience. I know what it is like to have that moment where at the time, having fake nails is beautiful. Going to a nail salon, and getting your nails done feels like luxury.
But think about it. Can you really have fake nails for the rest of your life?

The answer is no. And that is why I had decided to be more natural and love my nails as they are. I have learnt to take really good care of my nails, and as my grandmother has always said to me – that “a woman’s fortune depends on her hands and feet.”

Not that I believe in it, but at least now my fingernails look and feel healthy- without needing to spend money doing it up

A little side note…. my younger sister had a “cheese on toast” addiction for a couple of months where she ate it for breakfast before going to school almost everyday. Luckily, because of our family genes, she did not gain any weight from it whatsoever, however we all noticed that her nails improved drastically. She is the only person I know that has the strongest, healthiest looking nails. Extremely envious! I don’t think I could eat cheese on toast everyday…… maybe jacket potatoes!

Fingernails & diseases , fingernails & disorders & fingernail art