This blog is an attempt to bring the most interesting & innovating news about the human hand to the world.

Over the past months I have collected a growing database of ‘hand-facts’ (reported worldwide), and now the time have arrived to present the news about hands to the world!

This blog will likely be updated on a daily basis. Sometimes the content will be related to a very specif (small) aspect of the human hand – such as: fingerprints (dermatoglyphics) and fingernail features – but often the focuss will be pointed at an aspect of the hand which are relates to how we use our hands in daily life!

I hope you will enjoy my ‘hand facts’-trip focussed on the wonderfull + fascinating aspects of your hand!

Martijn van Mensvoort, MSc.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Victor Says:

    Hello Mr. van Mensvoort,

    I’ve been following your blog and I am interested in the simian line. I have one on my right hand but it seems different than the ones you have on your site. I think I have a head and heart line that both extend far and that branches directly from a full simian line. Can you please tell me which PIC type I am? I’ve been searching for answers for over a year and your site has been the closest I can get.

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Victor,

      Thank you for presenting me your question.

      At first sight (but I am not sure that I have clear perception of your simian line variant), I think your simian line variant could best be described as a variant of ‘PIC 211’, see:

      But everything depends on how strong the individual branches of the lines really are + how they are directed, because when the connecting line is the least strong aspect of your simian line constellation… then it might also be described as an ‘incomplete simian line’ or a ‘bridged’ simian variant.

      Maybe you can explain which of the pictures on this page resembles you simian line variant most?:

      (From what you described so far, I think your simian-variant is probably relates most to one of the ‘bridged’ variants)

      I am looking forward to your answer! 🙂

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