Three generations of hands in the Royal Family of Wales!

Later today (april 29) Prince William of Wales and his future wife Kate Middleton will celebrate their Royal wedding! Let’s take a look at the remarkable characteristics – differences & similarities – with the direct anchestors: Prince Charles & Lady Diana (RIP), and Queen Elizabeth II & her husband Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

What do you think of their hands? Do you spot any rather remarkable characteristics?
A hand photo gallery is also available in the section Celebrity Hands.

Sweat drops in the pores of the skin ridges (dermatoglyphs)

Many people sometimes wonder about the function of their ‘fingerprints’. Why do we have them? The answer is foundstarts in the sweat pores!

As you probably know, the whole body is featured with sweat pores (featured with eccrine sweat glands) – except for the lips & the sexual organs.
But in the hands & the feet the sweat pores have a highly specialized role. Because in the inner palm and on the sole the sweat pores manifest on so-called ‘friction ridge skin’ – the so-called skin ridges (see the picture above) that became especially known in the perspective of the fingerprints.
Skin ridges & grooves!
In the skin ridges the sweat pores are found – in a fingerprint the ridges manifest as the ‘black lines’ and in a high quality fingerprint one can sometimes even see the sweat fore: see the picture below!
The surrounding ‘grooves’ serve as a transport channel to distribute the sweat through the hands & feet. And the combination of these element prevent our hands & feet to become ‘slippy’!
Because skin friction arises from the interaction between the sweat & the skin of the body, and is directly related to the area of the surface of the body that is in contact with the fluid. An important feature in order to have effective ‘grip’ in your hands!
“But keep your head cool, otherwise your sweat glands will start produce too much moisture resulting in a reduced grasp stability!”
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GreenPeace presented this ‘Give Earth a hand’-video on EARTH DAY 2011 (april 22) to make a statement about their worries about how human kind is exploiting ‘their’ planet.

The statement featured with the video is the following:

“This fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs you.”