HANDS & DOWN SYNDROME – A Simian Crease Poll!

May 15, 2011

The BabyCenter.com has conducted a simian crease poll among parents of children who have Down syndrome.

The result confirms the significance of the simian line in Down syndrome, because 41 of the 95 participants (=43%) reported that their child has Down’s syndrome.

But the diagnostic signficance of a simian crease (simian line) is unspecific. Despite the fact that the simian crease is well-known for it’s significance in children & adults who have Down syndrome – there are quite a few other syndromes which show even higher percentages regarding the occurence of the simian crease, such as: the cat-cry syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome, and Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

The most common synonyms for the simian crease are: simian line, single transverse crease, single palmar crease


Read more about the role of the simian crease in Multi-Perspective Palm Reading:



One Response to “HANDS & DOWN SYNDROME – A Simian Crease Poll!”

  1. ryan kellogg Says:

    I have a simian line on both hands but I am normal. never new what one was tell I looked at my hands and seen I had a staight line that goes across both hands. So I looked it up and wow their is a lot of stuff about it. Good and bad. I all ways thought I was diffrent but didn’t know why. I feel that I have a gift and would like to share it with other people. I live oklahoma and my face book name is kellogg.ryan@ymail.com if any one would like to talk more about this send me a friend request and I will add you. Hope to hear from some one so I can share my gift.

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