The ‘Weird-Hand-Lines Quiz’ (part 2): connecting 9 lines with 9 medical disorders!

September 26, 2010


Just to avoid misunderstandings, I will briefly describe each of the hand lines in the picture above:

Line 1 = extra crease on the 1st phalange (beyond the distal interphalangeal crease)
Line 2 = extra crease on the 2nd phalange (in 1 or more fingers)
Line 3 = single crease on the pinky finger
Line 4 = extra crease on the thumb
Line 5 = ‘hockey-stick crease’
Line 6 = simian crease
Line 7 = Sydney crease
Line 8 = transverse hypothenar crease
Line 9 = secondary creases: unusually high density

The names of the 9 disorders are:

A = Alagille syndrome (= genetic disorder related to e.g. the liver, heart & kidney)
B = Coffin-Lowry syndrome (= genetic disorder: e.g. mental problems, health)
C = Down’s syndrome (= genetic disorder: trisomy 21, e.g. mental handicap, health)
F = Edward’s syndrome (= genetic disorder: trisomy 18, e.g. low rate of survival)
D = Fetal alcohol syndrome (= caused by alcohol abuse during pregnancy)
E = Fragile X syndrome (= genetic disorder: Xq27, e.g. mental handicap, autism)
G = Pit-Rogers-Dank syndrome (= e.g. growth disorder, mental retardation)
H = Schizophrenia (= psychiatric disorder)
I = Sickle Cell Diseases (= blood disorder)

The QUIZ-task is very simple:
‘Which line (in the picture above) belongs to which disorder?’

(You can submit your answers as a response to this blog post, but you can also discuss the details at the Modern Hand Reading Forum, at:     The ‘Weird-Hand-Lines QUIZ’ – part 2)

Some ‘clues’ for finding the right connections are provided by MEDICAL HAND ANALYSIS.


3 Responses to “The ‘Weird-Hand-Lines Quiz’ (part 2): connecting 9 lines with 9 medical disorders!”

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  2. Diane Fordsmith Says:

    I have an unusual personality and to identify it, I have almost identical thumbs to Megan Fox.
    I will soon post photos of my thumbs and describe what it is to own them, from inside.
    I would like to say also, how grateful I am for the opportunity to study in such esteemed presences!
    Blessings from ‘Chastityrose’

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Chastityrose,

      Great to hear from you again!

      And I am looking forward to see your thumbs-report… by the way, would you be interested to share that with me at the new ‘Modern Hand Reading Forum’? – See:

      For, your ‘report’ might provide an interesting basis for further discussions!!

      Greetings, Martijn.

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