The SaeboStretch.The SaeboReach.The SaeboFlex.

BIONIC HANDS – 2004: Saebo presents SaeboFlex!

In 2004 Saebo presented their version of the bionic hand, a medical hand-device named the ‘SaeboFlex’. The ‘SaeboStretch’, ‘SaeboFlex’ and ‘Saeboxreach’ were developed in cooperation with CHMG Capital LLC, a Charlotte based provider of home health care that serves many stroke patients.

Interestingly, the founders of Saebo are Star Trek fans. The Saebo motto – “No Plateau in Sight” – refers to the idea that Saebo products help stroke patients continually improve their ability to work their hands and arms. One of the founders explained the logo of interlocking chevrons to The Charlotte Observer:

“We’re Star Trek fans,” Hoffman said, alluding to the insignia worn by Captain Kirk and Mister Spock. He was joking.

In 2004 Saebo already reported to have sold more than 1000 ‘SaeboFlex’ devices. In 2006 Saebo introduced the ‘SaeboStretch’ for national distribution, while the network then had grown to over 1,800 Saebo-trained occupational & physical therapists in the USA. And the ‘SaeboReach’ has become the newest upper extremity product in the Saebo family.

Since then the Saebo Program has been offered as a treatment option at over 2,000 clinics and hospitals in the US, including 22 of the “Top 25 Rehabilitation Hospitals” as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Saebo has also expanded their basis to e.g. Greece and Germany. And in 2008 the Saebo Program was named ‘Most Valuable Product’ by Therapy Times.

Demonstrations of the Saebo Program are availabe at the Saebo Youtube channel.

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