Le pouce by César Baldaccini: an ode to the thumb!

Le pouce by César Baldaccini: an ode to the thumb!

César Baldaccini presents ‘le pouce’: an ode to the human thumb:

When you go to Paris, you really should not forget to pay a visit at ‘La Défense quarter’, the modern business area of the French capital city.

One of the many art masterpieces in Paris is called ‘Le pouce’ (the thumb), which was made by one of the most famous French sculptors: César Baldaccini (1921-1998).

César made ‘the thumb’ in 1965, his sculpture weighs 18 tons and is 12 meter high, and includes at the backside… César’s gigantic fingerprint! The estimated value of César’s masterpiece is close to 1 million euros.

In the summer of 2008 one hundred works of César Baldaccini were exhibited from early July till the end of october at ‘la Fondation Cartier’ for Contemporary Art, featured by Jean Nouvel, architect of the building and friend of the famous sculptor.

The visitors were able to discover many of César’s famous thumbs, made by the artist with various materials including: bronze, Baccarat crystal, stainless steel, aluminum and pink marble.

Le pouce (the thumb) by César Baldaccini was presented in Paris at 'la Fondation Cartier' (2008).

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