Shocking impression of the hand of Michael - he now also may have skin cancer.

You health is in your hands, and your hands reveal so much about you. In 2009 various shocking photos of Michael Jackson’s hands – ‘the king of pop’ – were published in the media.

In february the DailyMail reported that his fingers and nails are in a terrible state of condition: with discoloured fingernails, puffy reddened skin, and prominent veins. Thought these are only typical sign of aging, a few days ago rumours arrived that ‘The King of Pop’ has skin cancer.

Cancerous cells have been found on his chest and neck and pre-cancerous spots have been found on his face. The skin cancer may have been caused by his pigmentation skin conditions ‘vitiligo’ or ‘lupus’ – which means that the skin will not contain melanin which protects it from the sun’s rays. However, this has been denied by a doctor claiming to be his spokesman. ‘The show must go on’???

Anyway, Jacko is in good hands for he has been attending the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles – which specialises in the treatment of skin diseases.

An onlooker said:

“His hands looked very discolored and skin looked like it was dangling from his fingers. His fingernails could only be described as a manicurist’s worst nightmare.”


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Michael Jackson doing a funny hand gesture (2007):

Michael Jackson doing a funny hand gesture in 2007.