Barack Obama - left hand wave at the airport.

Into the hands of Barack Obama – US President

Recently Barack Obama was recognized in an international poll as the most popular leader in the world of today, and this week Obama was also listed in the 2010 TIME TOP 100 as the no. 4. of world’s most influential people (in the 2009 TIME TOP 100 he was listed as no.20). Into the hands of Barack Obama – a tribute to the hands of the current US president!

The most remarkable hand characteristics of Barack Obama’s hands are:

>> THUMB: Slender & waisted;
>> FINGERS: Slender & bony, low set index finger, low 2D:4D digit ratio, long ring finger, long pinky finger;
>> FINGERPRINTS: (unknown);
>> HAND SHAPE: Narrow & long palms;
>> HAND LINES: Strong primary lines, multiple long ‘ring finger lines’ (a.k.a. ‘sun lines’ or ‘apollo lines’).

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The right hand of Barack Obama - photo impression from his inauguration.
The left hand of Barack Obama - photo impression during a speach.