Barack Obama's greeting card 'the fist bump' could help to stop the swine flue.

Last year you could have seen president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle doing the fist bump on many occasion during the election campaign. Now Obama’s lovely greeting gesture might help to stop the swine flu epedimic! Why?

Swine flu prevention has become for a large part become a matter of “hand hygiene”, so the handshake is now no longer recommended to greet other people in daily life. Instead the fist bump is much more harmless in terms of hand hygiene!

Philip M. Tierno Jr., PhD, director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Medical Centre says:

“Eighty percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by contact both direct and indirect – direct such as kissing, indirect such as shaking someone’s hand. Frequent hand washing is the single most important weapon we have against the swine flu disease.”

With the all the focus on H1NI or swine flu, the alternative of the fist bump might become very helpfull in the battle with the ‘influenza A’ virus. For, over the past weeks various reports from around the world indicate that despite the danger, people find it very hard not to use the handshake merely because in many countries handshaking has become so normal – especially in the business and workplace etiquette! So, don’t hesitate … no handshaking anymore, try the obama’s fistbump!


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The amazing headache-break handshake.

DO YOU KNOW that there is a spot on both of your hands which has been rubbed for thousands for years, bringing notable relief to headaches? According ancient Chinese medicine, this spot corresponds to the adrenal glands; clearing blockages from the adrenal glands’ energy circuit will likely bringing life force and vitality to your often ‘overworked treasures’.

The big mystery is that various alternative therapies – like for example: palm therapy, hand reflexology, and acupressure – provide various explanations for why this ultimate ‘self-handshaking’ works!

Olivia Rosewood (author of spiritual literature) says:

“To give yourself a break from a headache or even just a bit more zip in your doo-da, find the most tender spot between your thumb and forefinger. Use your other thumb and forefinger to pinch this spot from the top and palm of your hand, the way you might pinch a penny should there be a world-wide financial crisis. Take a few deep breaths, and release this spot when you have an indication that you have unblocked this energy point: usually your pain subsides.”

Source: The Huffington Post

No handshaking is an effective tool to prevent a swine flu pandemic.

DO YOU KNOW the “etiquette rules” to prevent a swine flu pandemic? It is all about hand hygiene & no handshakes!

Six of the most important swine flue etiquette rules to prevent a swine flue pandemic – all are related to hand hygiene – are:

No handshaking! – No handshake, high five, nor intimate greatings such as: beso-beso, touching cheeks, air kisses;
Do not sneeze nor cough in your hands! – Use a handkerchief, tissue, or your t-shirt;
Wash your hands frequently! – Even at home, and don’t forget the soap;
Wash your hands before and after eating!

Additional options are:

You can use alcohol hand cleaners when washing your hand;
• The ultimate protection is to stay at home & wear a face mask – though the experts agree that the biggest benefit of a mask is when they are worn by those who are already sick!

Dr. Richard Besser (acting director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control) says:

“I would rather people really focus on hand washing, not giving that little kiss of greeting when you’re meeting someone, of doing those sorts of things, covering your cough and your sneeze.”

Source: The Canadian Press