Lee Redmond's Guinness World Record longest fingernails - measuring 8.65m long [28-ft 4-in] at some time before the car crash.

Lee Redmond had the world’s longest fingernails – 8.65m long [28-ft 4-in] – but lost them in a car crash earlier this year.

Guinness World Records reports about Lee Redmond: her story after the car accident

On a whim back in 1979, Lee Redmond decided to stop filing her nails. She intended to cut them off once they started twisting, but her plans changed. In 2002 she entered the Guinness World Records book for the world’s longest fingernails on a female pair of hands. On february 11th, 2009 Lee Redmond shocked the world with the loss of her fingernails in a car crash. Last week Guinness World Record has unveil her story after the car accident.

Fortunately, despite the loss of her record ‘long fingernails’, Lee Redmond has been doing just fine and she discovered: “There is more to life than nails!!”

In an exclusive interview with Guinness World Records she said:

“After the accident, not my children, but my great grand babies, they wanted me to glue them back on! I always did everything with them, but now it’s so much easier to do things now. The weight is so different, so much. In fact my hands seem to fly with the weight gone.”

Guinness World Records announced that they have decided to honour Lee Redmond popular finger record in the 2010 ‘The Book of the Decade’ – featured with a striking photograph of Lee pictured alongside fellow American Melvin Boothe, the male owner of the longest finger nails (9.05-m-long/29ft 8in), which was taken just a few months prior to her accident (see the photo below).


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Lee Redmond & Melvin Boothe on a 2008 photoshoot:

Lee Redmond & Melvin Boothe on a 2008 photoshoot.

Lee Redmond describes her story after the car crash:


Today Bao Xishun, Zao Liang & Leonid Stadnyk are known as the tallest men in the world.

Who has the largest hand?

While Robert Wadlow from the US is known as the tallest man in history, today the official title ‘world’s tallest man’ has become a true battle-field! Let’s take a look at the hands of the biggest 3 contenders:

The left hand of Bao Xishun from China.
The left hand of Bao Xishun.

Today, Bao Xishun – a former herdsman from China – has the official Guinness World Records title ‘tallest living man‘. Bao Xishun’s body height was measured at 2.36 meters (7 feet 9 inches).

The left hand of Leonid Stadnyk.
The left hand of Leonid Stadnyk.

However… in 2007 Leonid Stadnyk – a former veterinarian from Ukraine. Leonid Stadnyk’s body height was unofficially measured at 2.59 meters (8 feet 5 inches). But in 2008 Mr. Stadnyk refused to be measured under the new Guinness World Records guidelines, and so the the official Guinness World Records title ‘tallest man’ was re-gained by Bao Xishun.

The right hand of Zhao Liang from China.
The right hand of Zhao Liang.

But since april 2009 a new younger contender is known, named Zhao Liang – a former basketball player from China. Zhao Liang’s body height was measured by doctors at the Tianjin hospital at 2.46 meters (8 feet 7 inches).

Leonid Stadnyk's hands are far too large to use a mobile phone.

Leonid Stadnyk has the world’s largest hand, unofficially the tallest man on earth

The photo above presents a snapshot of Leonid Stadnyk while playing with his new cell phone – you may think: ‘… tiny cell phone, or large hands?’. Definitely large hands! For, Leonid Stadnyk from the Ukraine has the world’s largest living hand: measuring 31 centimeters (12.2 inch).

In 2007 Leonid Stadnik was unofficially measured as the tallest man on earth: 2.59m. However in 2008 mister Stadnyk refused to be measured under new guidelines of Guinness World Records, and as a consequence the title of ‘the world’s tallest man’ is now in the hands of China’s Bao Xishun.


This month (april 2009) another pair of ‘strange hands’ was reported about a chinese young man of 22 years old, named Zhao Liang was measured at 2.46m (8.07ft) – in the Tianjin hospital. The exact size of Zhao Liang’s hand is unknown so far, but in the picture below you can see that it is REEEAAALLLYYY very large as well.

Chinese doctor compares her hand size with the right hand of Zhao Liang.


Even more impressive is the life story of Robert Wadlow (1918-1940), who is likely the tallest man that ever lived on planet earth: his full body length was measured at: 2.72m (8ft, 11.1 inches), and his hand was measured at: 32.4 cm (12.75 inches) – quite an impressive ‘hand fact’!

Source: Leonid Stadnyk has the world’s largest hand