Okay… a funny introduction to John Lajoie’s world!

NOTICE: This video includes some strong language, but be aware… this guy is claiming to have 6 fingers: 5 on his right hand + 1 finger on his left hand – he simply doesn’t count the other 4 – so maybe none of John Lajoie’s words should be taken seriously.

More of John Lajoie’s ‘hands nonsense’ is available here: http://www.jonlajoie.com/aboutme.html 


Just in case you’re interested in more serious ‘funny’ reports about hands, you will probably enjoy reading  about the international reports about people who have more fingers beyond your imagination:


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This year’s TOP 10 ‘handy’ Christmas gift suggestions are featured with a compilation of the 10 most recommended books in the ‘Palmistry books TOP 100’, a few very interesting books about other aspects of the human hand, and last but not least… a few very funny ‘handy’ or ‘tasty’ gadgets, such as the famous and delicious ‘Antwerpse Handjes’!

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Antwerpse Handsjes: chocolate & bisquits.Mold-It: kit for making a copy of your hands!Handsoap: wash your hands with little hands!

Wash your hands with hands - handsoap!Foliage handsoap.
Foliage’s funny handsoap – ‘click’ for larger versions!

“Wash your hands with hands” – the perfect swine flu related present!

Are you looking for a funny ‘swine flu’ present? Then the Foliage handsoap might be the perfect present: 10 little hand made handsoaps in a pretty little bag.

Each bag includes about 100grams of handsoap with various skin-ish colors and sizes (varying from 0.5 to 2.0 inch tall).

A unique soap gadget shaped like little hands – definitely a funny ‘swine flu gift’!


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The six digit man - a next step in evolution?

What will be the next step in the evolution of the human hand?

All ‘tetrapods’ have 4 limbs with 5 fingers. Even the panda has only 5 digits + an unusual outgrowth of the wrist bone. So, the Leek’s funny idea that man could develop a 6th finger can only best be described as a funny joke … but a mission impossible!

Quoted from The Leek:

“The Next Step in Evolution:

Six Digit Man’ Leads the Way to the Future:

Researchers at the Bill Gates Medical Center in Seattle were astonished to discover that a patient, who was recently admitted with severe wrist pains, had six functional fingers in his left hand (see X-Ray image below).

The patient, now dubbed “Homo Digitus”, is believed to form the next step in human evolution. “For the last two decades we have been waiting to see how the human race would adapt to working with computers, and finally we were handed the answer” says Genetics Expert, Dr. Harry Ditty.

According to Ditty Harry, Hox genes controlling the development of body parts have so far prevented the formation a sixth independent digit. However, it seems that the frequent need to use the key combination has finally triggered the previously unknown “Keystrokes genes” to prevail.

Other experts noted that the new finger configuration significantly enhances the versatility of the human hand. “In addition to the existing ‘precision grip’, used when holding a pencil, and ‘power grip’, used when holding a hammer, subjects of the mutation will be able to apply the new ‘anguish grip’, which is extremely handy when using the Microsoft Windows operating system” says Han D. Man, chief handyman at the Hand Institute of Handuras.

The patient himself, whose name remains undisclosed, was quoted as saying: “I never imagined the incredible impact I was going to have on civilization. All I wanted to do was to give my computer the finger”.

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