Motion Control presents the 'Utah Arm'.

BIONIC HANDS – Motion Control developed:
the ‘Utah Arm’!

Motion Control, Inc., is the leading U.S. manufacturer of myoelectric and externally powered prosthetic arm systems. In 1981 they presented the ‘Utah Arm’ – this was the premier myoelectric arm for above elbow amputees, which became one of the first commercially available examples of a bionic hand.

Since then they haved presented in 1987 and 2004 revised versions:

In 1987 the Utah Arm 2 (U2) was released with entirely re-engineered electronics that made the Utah Arm the most durable and dependable myoelectric arm available for a long time.

In 2004 they presented the Utah Arm 3 (U3), including microprocessor technology with a Computer Interface that allows the prosthetist or wearer to fine-tune the adjustments to achieve maximum performance.


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