The fate of a violin player resides in their pinky finger!

February 11, 2013

Nina Lordi - Professional violinist.

Nina Lordi – Professional violinist.

The violin is known as the instrument most commonly offered to children by state schools in the UK. It’s a challenging instrument, because rapid independent motion of the digital joints in the left hand is desirable… and a requirement in order to become a top violin player! A brand new study focussed on the pinky finger was designed after an 11-year-old patient volunteered that she had given up playing the violin because of difficulty and discomfort manoeuvring the left small and ring fingers independently. On examination, she was found to have absent FDS (flexor digitorum superficialis) function in the small finger – a condition that can be found in about 6% of the general populaton.

Do you have the ‘flexor digitorum superficialis’?

You can test this right now at home (see also the video below): hold down the index, middle, and ring fingers of your left hand, then try to bend your little finger. Now try it again, but allow your ring finger to bend as well.

Can you do it?

The UK study revealed that about 18 percent of people can do neither!

However, in a group of 90 professional musicians from “three of London’s leading orchestras” (38 first violinists, 33 second violinists, 19 viola players), none lacked this ability, and all but two were able to bend just their pinky finger!!!

Via: The Atlantic


3 Responses to “The fate of a violin player resides in their pinky finger!”

  1. handfacts Says:

    Hello Nina, thank you for submitting your request – which has been processed; I hope you like the result!

    PS. Awesome picture! 🙂

  2. Nina Lordi Says:

    Hey my nameis Nina Lordi and i am the girl in the picture playing the violin at the top of the web site. could you do me a a favor? i don’t mind you using my image but is there any possible way you can type in letters below my pic “Nina Lordi-Professional violinist” that would mean thwe world to me. thank you

  3. jeffbliss Says:

    nina is one of the most tallented ppl iv ever heared play a violin. she truly is amazing

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