Your next Halloween-fun idea: how to make a scary ‘Halloween Ice-Hand’!

November 2, 2012

Looking for the next Halloween-fun idea? Let’s make a Scary Ice Hand in just 5 steps:

1) Buy some latex rubber gloves, wash them and turn inside out.

2) Fill the gloves with water and tie a knot in the end.

3) Place the gloves in your freezer, make sure that the fingers a filled with the water to get the best effect.

4) When you need your hands run lukewarm water over the gloves and carefully remove the ice from the glove. Be careful you don’t break any fingers off, but if you do don’t worry, it can all add to the effect.

5) Place the hands in the punch bowl and enjoy your severed hand drink!

Have a go at this simple idea – fun to make and makes a great impact on the table at your Halloween Party!

Remember don’t take out of the freezer too early, don’t want it to have melted before your guests arrive.

Via: Family Zone


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