Hand Testing for Marfan Syndrome!

June 29, 2012

Marfan syndrome is known for a rather unusual tendency to display elongated skeletal features [in medical science they call it ‘dalichostenomelia’]. ‘Spider fingers’ [arachnodactly] is probably the most common known body characteristic typical for Marfan syndrome. Recently, an innovative hand-test was developed in order to identify Marfan syndrome via  the hand – with the purpose to provide a ‘handy’ & costless screening tool to help identify those who have disorder (estimates are that about half of Marfan people are undiagnosed).

This brand new ‘Marfan Syndrome Hand Test’ (see above) provides you a unique opportunity to make a first check-up for Marfan syndrome via your own hands.

So far the hand-test has been validated with the help of a dozen of Marfan people – 73% of those passed the test (and the other 27% ended up in the ‘borderline’ category which is typical for various syndromes that have overlap with Marfan syndrome, such as: Loeys-Dietz syndrome & Ehler-Danlos syndrome).

The most discriminating hand featured typical for Marfan syndrome are included in this test.

More details about the hand in Marfan syndrome and the background of this test are presented at HandResearch.com:

(Your thoughts & observations are welcome!) 


3 Responses to “Hand Testing for Marfan Syndrome!”

  1. gold price Says:

    On the other hand, medical researches have said that the two unaffected parents could at least have 1:1000 chances of having a baby with this debilitating syndrome. Conversely those remaining 25% of the cases which have this type of genetic defect can be caused by spontaneous mutation.

  2. gold account Says:

    Procedure: Instruct the patient to fold his thumb into the closed fist. This test is positive if the thumb tip extends from palm of hand.

  3. Clarisse Says:

    Excellent post. many thanks for sharing this resource. thanks so much for everything you’ve put into it this blog has me coming back time and time again.

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