Lost a Finger? Upgrade Your Body with the X-Finger!

June 29, 2011

The X-Finger is developed by Dan Didrick (Didrick Medical Inc.) and it has been presented as the world’s first active-function artificial finger assembly designed specifically for partial finger amputees. This finger device provides users to regain complete control of the flexion and extension movements with an artificial finger in a self-contained device.  The X-Finger wass designed to bend a silicone finger sheath in a very realistic manner.

Dan Didrick was motivated in part by a desire to help a hearing-impaired person regain sign language ability after losing fingers. He whittled his first concept prototype out of pine wood.

Then he began using 3D design software to refine his landmark invention. Eight years after initial sketches, hundreds of X-Fingers are in use today, and Didrick Medical has also produced X-Thumbs.

It appears that there is a big demand for these simple X-finger devices. Because according U.S. Bureau of Labor data, every year about 8,000 work-related amputations occur involving one or more fingers.

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2 Responses to “Lost a Finger? Upgrade Your Body with the X-Finger!”

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  2. June 16 2011 3 13 PM PDT by …. Credit .Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak CNET …More lifelike functional prosthetics for lost fingers may soon be more readily available as mechanical digits known as X Fingers are set to be mass-produced within six months according to inventor . Bureau of Labor data the company says about 8 000 work-related amputations occur each year involving one or more fingers.

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