PALMISTRY TOP 100 – Today’s most popular websites about professional hand analysis!

November 26, 2010

What are today the world’s most popular websites about the controversial topic named ‘palm reading’?

In november 2010 the new palmistry ‘ranking’ formula (based on internet statistics) was presented – and the results are now available!

An analysis of 370+ websites from 6 continents indicates that the following 10 websites today can be recognized as ‘leading’ in the field of modern hand reading (including: hand analysis, chirology, palm reading, palmistry, etc).

‘Click’ on the website thumbnail(s) for direct access! 

No.1 - website presented by cheirologist Kenneth Lagerström (Canada).
No.2 - website presented by hand analyst Larry Rodrigues (US).
No.3 - website presented by chirologist Arnold Holtzman (Israel).
No.4 - website presented by fingerprint expert Andres J. Washington (US).
No.5 - website presented by hand analyst Edward D. Campbell (US).
No.6 - website presented by chirologist Jennifer Hirsch (South-Africa).
No.7 - website presented by cheirologist Galina Soroka (Russia).
No.8 - website presented by handleser Manfred Magg (Germany).
No.9 - website presented by antropologist F. van Cappelle (Netherlands).
No.10 - website presented by hand analyst Leslie Zemenek (Canada).

NOTICE: The full TOP 100 ranking is available at:



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