Vladimir Putin – the right hand of ‘Hardman’!

April 5, 2010

Vladmir Putin - the right hand of 'Hardman'!

Vladimir Putin – the current Prime Minister and former President of Russia!

Putin’s nicknames in Russia include “Hardman” “The Reasoning Terminator”, and “The Grey Cardinal”. The Russian press both joke and quake at his expressionlessness and his lack of smiles. Former US president George W. Bush nicknamed Putin as ‘Pooty-Poot’.


– Fingers are short compared to his square shaped palm;
– Pinky finger is very long;
– Strong thumb.

Famous hands gallery – the hand of politicians
Presidential hands: Vladimir Putin vs. Barack Obama

Vladimir Putin’s hand vs. Barack Obama’s hand.
Vladimir Putin's right hand.Barack Obama's right hand.

One Response to “Vladimir Putin – the right hand of ‘Hardman’!”

  1. Jupiter finger equivalent to sun finger denotes his leadership quality.Fate line turning towards Jupiter mount indicates the highest post he will be occupying with great burden and responsibility at the end of his life.With a drooping head line denotes better imagination and his application of scientific temperament is astonishingly applying for the uplift of humanity and his kindness to develop Indian technological innovations.He has got the real scientific temperament strangely noticed by the line of Mercury is well pronounced connected with his fate line. He has got a dependable love and affection towards our country, India. due to his beautiful heart line.He is not a hardman really ,but has to show himself to protect and boost the economy of Russia under such a shadow.
    If such a leader is available in India , we would have spent some percentage of money in solar power stations also.Independent uranium ,thorium separation and purification units could have cropped up.
    Al the Engineering colleges would have become real IITS. with real advance laboratory facilitiesif offered by russians then the real brain drain to usa would not have occurred.There might have been another Vishveshvarayya who not to have fall a prey to the hands of cinema artists.There will not be corruption in India.We want to have a politician.just like him Sankkaravelayudhan Nandakumar
    Nandkumarcheiro,oxford astrogeneticist,Space science scholar hubble Telescope research group.impressed by Russian help by in India.

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