James Blunt showing his palmprint & fingerprints!

March 16, 2010

Hands up for James Blunt!

Hands up for James Blunt – HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO!
More hands of fame!


In 2008 the former NATO peacekeeper – who served in 1999 as a officer in the NATO deployment in Kosovo – needed an operation on the little finger on his right hand after he got mobbed by crazed fans during a stage dive at a gig in Asheville, North Carolina. It appears that his career has not shown much progress since the accident… and it appears that since then he never ‘showed’ his hand again.

Some typical characteristics of James Blunt’s hand are:

• The arch fingerprint on his pointer finger (the photo also demonstrates that he has a relatively normal small ‘ulnar loop’ fingerprint on his middle finger): James Blunt once described “fame and celebrity is something that other people have constructed that I’m not really party to” – a typical statement for ‘earth people’;

• The long ring finger (+ a slightly low 2D:4D digit ratio): a relatively common characteristic in the hand of a muscian (including: singers/performers);

• The long pinky finger: a typical characteristic for a man who appears to score pretty low on the personality dimension Extroversion;

• A strong ‘Girdle of Venus’: in modern palm reading often associated with creative sensibility;

• A rather short heartline… okay, James sings a lot about love – how about his personal life?

Anyway, what do your think… does the hand of James Blunt reveal anything about his personality? Maybe you can try the ‘Do You Like James Blunt?’ Personality Quiz.

The hand of famous musicians – including: Elvis Presley, Frédérique Chopin, Franz Lizst, Michael Jackson, Madonna & Thom Yorke

James Blunt (2007).
Hands up for James Blunt!


3 Responses to “James Blunt showing his palmprint & fingerprints!”

  1. The palm print of the musician show his caliber asa musician the change over in his career indicated on his breaking fate line showed finally his celebrity betterment after 31st year. His better opportunity even in late years,by the fate line going to his Jupiter mount by a strong fate line.
    Those drooping headline or brain line towards lunar mount further confirming his final putup as a musician only.
    Feb 22 people are You will lean mentally “new thought” in all its phases.You will not as it were ,easily “fit in” with the ideas the ideas of those you meet with i ordinary life.

  2. Dinika Says:

    Wow pretty good fingers!! Most of the celebs have that kind of heartline, ending between the 2 fingers. He has 2 fatelines i suppose?

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Dinika!!

      Yes, I can confirm what you wrote – 2 fateline indeed … amazing that it is difficult to find a more recent picture of James Blunt’s hand.

      Greetings, Martijn.

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