THOM YORKE THUMBS – Radiohead musician Thom Yorke has a simian line! [hand crease]

February 2, 2010

Thom Yorke's finger length!Thom York has the simian line (simian crease).Thom York has the simian crease! | 'Incomplete' simian line

Tribute to the hands of Thom Yorke!
Famous simian line holders!

Thom Yorke thumbs & the simian line…

The simian line (a.k.a. ‘simian crease’) is the most studied line of the human hand. Despite it’s associations with Down syndrome (+ a rainbow of other medical problems), quite a few famous people have the simian line. Radiohead’s leadsinger Thom York has a variant of the classic simian line in his right hand – an ‘incomplete simian crease‘. What do we know about the most ‘notorious’ of all hand lines?

Having a simian line is not very uncommon at all: about 2% to 4% of the population has this rather remarkable hand line – though in Asia the percentages are higher up to above 10% in Chinese people.

Rather remarkable – despite the strong links with various medical problems – some believe that the simian line can also be recognized as a ‘gift marker‘ which could relate to strong personality characteristics that bring stamina, intensity and strong concentration.

More Thom Yorke thumbs of his simian line:

Thom York has the simian line (simian crease).

Thom York has the simian crease! | 'Incomplete' simian line

Thom Yorke's finger length!


Another fascinating characteristic of the hands of Thom Yorke concerns his fingerlength: his ring finger is much longer than his pointer finger.

Interestingly the long ring finger has historically been associated with musical abilities. Professor John Manning (Liverpool University) presented in 2000 a study which pointed out that the hands of male symphony musicians are characterised with a likewise combination: the low ‘digit ratio’ – of 2D:4D finger ratio (2D = index finger; 4D = ring finger).

Quote from Professor John T. Manning’s book ‘digit ratio’ (page 121):

“Sorell (1968) pointed out that musical ability has been linked with very long ring fingers for many years. He illustrated this with handprints from composers such as Alexander Tcherpenin and Edgar Varese, but the most powerful image he showed in this context was that of a cast of Franz Liszt’s right hand (Sorell 1968, 187). In this cast Liszt’s ring fingers is strikingly dominant in length, with the middle phalanx making up an apparently disproportionate part of the finger. These are anecdotal observations, but measurements of casts and photographs of the hands of eminent musicians may wel reveal very low 2D:4D ratios.”

By the way, extreme digit ratios (finger lengths) are – just like the ‘simian crease’ (Thom Yorke) and the ‘clubbed thumb’ (Megan Fox) – recognized as a ‘minor physical anomaly’ (MPA).

Famous simian line holders!
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Megan Fox thumbs – the beauty queen has a minor physical anomaly!


One Response to “THOM YORKE THUMBS – Radiohead musician Thom Yorke has a simian line! [hand crease]”

  1. Vadim Says:

    У меня такие же линии на руке как у Thom Yorke.
    I have the same line in his hand like a Thom Yorke!!!!equally

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