Handy Christmas gift ideas + the ‘Palm Reading TOP 10’!

December 15, 2009

Handy Christmas gifts - related to hands.
Recommended books about Palm Reading, Palmistry & Hand Analysis.
Handy Christmas Gift ideas + Hand Reading TOP 10

This year’s TOP 10 ‘handy’ Christmas gift suggestions are featured with a compilation of the 10 most recommended books in the ‘Palmistry books TOP 100’, a few very interesting books about other aspects of the human hand, and last but not least… a few very funny ‘handy’ or ‘tasty’ gadgets, such as the famous and delicious ‘Antwerpse Handjes’!

Are you still looking for ideas for this Santa Claus & Xmas holiday season? Maybe you should check out this year’s products that were carefully selected on the basis of quality & popularity (e.g. expert ratings, Amazon sales rank + customer ratings)!

Check out the 2009 ideas:

10 Most recommended books in the ‘Palmistry books TOP 100’!
10 Fascinating books about hands!
8 Funny gadgets related to hands!

Illustrations: a few of the 2009 Christmas gift recommendations.

Antwerpse Handsjes: chocolate & bisquits.Mold-It: kit for making a copy of your hands!Handsoap: wash your hands with little hands!


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