The hands of the 37th US president: Richard Nixon!

October 14, 2009

The right hand of the 37th US president: Richard Nixon!

The right hand of Richard Nixon.



Richard Nixon - right hand waving photo!

President Richard Nixon: right hand waving photo

Presidential Palm Reading:
the Richard Nixon ‘hand-file’!

• President: 1969-1974;
• Dexterity: right handed;
• Hand type: square palm shape;
• Fingers: normal finger length, normal index finger, long ring finger, long pinky.

Earlier this year TIME presented a photo essay on the hands of the last 9 US presidents; US palm reader Robin Gile was asked to present his palm reading for each president. Without knowing that it was Richard Nixon’s hand, this is how Robin Gile described Ford’s hand:

“An Eccentric Among Eccentrics”
“Clearly, anyone driven enough to become president is somewhat eccentric, but this, going by the angling out of the little finger, is an eccentric among eccentrics,” says Gile. “He’s a complicated soul, with a lot mental tension and passion. The long head line — the middle line in the palm [= a Sydney line] — is unusually long, indicating he probably doesn’t have an off-switch in his brain. He’s a potential insomniac, very detail-oriented and can’t stop thinking. The deep hallow in his palm says he hangs on to things and won’t let go.”


The hands of former US president Richard Nixon!
Presidential palm reading: the hands of Richard Nixon!
How to recognize the hand of a US president?
Study points out: ‘long ring finger relates to financial success … and risks!’


The presidential ‘facebook’:
The presidential facebook!


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