Michael Jackson: Wacko Jacko’s hand glove scoops $49.000 at Melbourne auction!

September 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's white hand glove became one of his trademarks.

Michael Jackson’s famous single white hand glove – ‘click’ for the complete hand glove story!

IN MEMORIAM: A tribute to the hands & hand casts of Michael Jackson!

Auction house Bonhams & Goodmans has announced that it has auctioned the first Michael Jackson item since the superstar’s death on June 25, 2009. The crystal-encrusted white glove which he had worn to the Sydney premiere of his film “Ghosts” on November 15, 1996, has sold for 57,600 dollars (49,000 US) – doubling the auctioneer’s estimate after a frenzied bidding war.

The King of Pop was in Australia for the HIStory World Tour at the time, and earlier that day he had married his second wife Debbie Rowe in Sydney.

Music journalist Peter Holmes and his friend Bill Hibble were apparently among the few audience members who laughed at the jokes in the short horror spoof and Jackson threw the glove to Hibble in thanks. Hibble has since died and his father put the glove up for sale.

The right-hand glove, made of white spandex and covered with hand-sewn clear crystals, was snapped up by the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the United States.

Las Vegas Hard Rock curator Warwick Stone said:

“Michael Jackson gave it to someone in public in Australia and most collectors of Michael Jackson memorabilia knew about this glove. I’ve got the chain that used to hang around Sid Vicious’s neck, I’ve got one of Elvis’s .357 magnums which he used to shoot TVs with”


In memoriam: ‘The hands of Michael Jackson’!
Michael Jackson’s hand glove was to cover his vitiligo
More famous hands – a tribute!

Another Michael Jackson hand glove auction is planned at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square New York on Saturday, November 21st, 2009:

Michael Jackson's hand glove.

2 Responses to “Michael Jackson: Wacko Jacko’s hand glove scoops $49.000 at Melbourne auction!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    That makes me sick to know there are people out in this world that DO NOT HAVE A HEART! Calling him that kind of a name really hurt him and for you non believers to think he is gone and to still call him a name like that is truely sickning!!!!!!! How old are you people really that makes the remarks like that and you call your self a human being, you should really be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!! Your not really a adult to be talking like that VERY CHILDISH! I’m ashamed that I live on the same planet as you hurtful people!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP CALLING HIM THAT NAME!!!!

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Sandra,

      Thank you for expressing your honest feellings – looking at your myspace-page you’re definitely a true-hearted fan of Michael Jackson.
      But maybe it is not very realistic to start asking people not using his famous ‘nicknames’ any longer … actually I think the (many) ‘nicknames’ are part of his fame!

      Nevertheless, I can imagine – assuming that you’re a devoted fan of his music – that you don’t like the funny aspect (though wearing a crystal-encrusted white glove is not particularly ‘normal’ and using a funny nickname appears justified in this matter – at least that is my opinion).

      Sandra, sending you my condolances with the loss of ‘the king of pop’ from The Netherlands.

      Respect, Martijn.

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