‘Wash your hands with hands’ – the perfect swine flu related present!

August 29, 2009

Wash your hands with hands - handsoap!Foliage handsoap.
Foliage’s funny handsoap – ‘click’ for larger versions!

“Wash your hands with hands” – the perfect swine flu related present!

Are you looking for a funny ‘swine flu’ present? Then the Foliage handsoap might be the perfect present: 10 little hand made handsoaps in a pretty little bag.

Each bag includes about 100grams of handsoap with various skin-ish colors and sizes (varying from 0.5 to 2.0 inch tall).

A unique soap gadget shaped like little hands – definitely a funny ‘swine flu gift’!


Wash your hands with hands – Foliage handsoap product review!
Hands on hand hygiene: basics, products & swine flu news!
Barack Obama about hand hygiene
The 10 commandments of hand hygiene!
Fingernails & your health!


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