Michael Jackson drank propofol as his ‘milk’, how his hand relates to the autopsy results!

August 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's hand cast at Madame Tussauds.Michael Jackson's hand deterioration over the years - especially his fingernails.
Michael Jackson’s hand cast (left) & body changes (right) – ‘click’ for larger versions!

Michael Jackson’s autopsy results relate to his hand deterioration!

On august 25, 2009 court documents revealed that the Los Angeles coroner concluded that Michael Jackson had died of an overdose of propofol – a powerful sedative which Jackson frequently used to help him sleep, the singer called the drug his ‘milk’.

The coroner has ruled Michael Jackson’s death as a homicide: the designation of homicide means that Jackson died at the hands of another, but does not necessarily mean a crime was committed. For example, the coroner’s document also said:

“… It cannot be determined whether the cause of death is due to the actions of a single night and/or a single doctor, or the grossly negligent treatment of several doctors over an extended period of time.”

Because the court report indicates that Michael Jackson’s death appears not to be result of a single doctor/action, one should not exclude the overall state of his health either!


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The “King of Pop” in his younger years:
Michael Jackson in his younger years.

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