The hands of the 41th US president: George H.W. Bush!

August 12, 2009

The right hand of the 41th US president: George H.W. Bush!

The right hand of George H.W. Bush.

George H.W. Bush - right hand waving photo!

President George H.W. Bush: right hand waving photo

Presidential Palm Reading:
the George H.W. Bush ‘hand-file’!

• President: 1989-1993;
• Dexterity: left handed;
• Hand type: normal;
• Fingers: normal fingers, low set long ring finger + long pinky.


Earlier this year TIME presented hand photos of the last 9 US presidents to palm reader Robin Gile, and asked him to present a palm reading for each president. Without knowing that it was George H.W. Bush’s hand, this is how Robin Gile described Bush senior’s hand:

“The Most Alpha of All the Hands”

“This man is outgoing, but not necessarily charming or witty,” says Gile. “But his presence is felt. This is the most alpha of all the hands. He has a high degree of eccentricity. I think he’s pretty ruthless. I bet this is Bush Sr. I could see this guy running the CIA.”


The inauguration hand photo of George H.W. Bush!
Presidential palm reading: the hands of George H.W. Bush!
US presidents usually have a low ‘2D:4D finger ratio’!
How to recognize the hand of a US president?


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