Into the hands of the 42th US president: Bill Clinton!

August 6, 2009

The right hand of the 42th president of the US: Bill Clinton!

The right hand of Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton - right hand waving photo!

President Bill Clinton: right hand waving photo

Presidential Palm Reading:
the Bill Clinton ‘hand-file’!

• President: 1993-2001;
• Dexterity: left handed;
• Hand type: normal;
• Fingers: normal fingers, long ring finger + pinky.


Earlier this year TIME presented hand photos of the last 9 US presidents to palm reader Robin Gile, and asked him to present a palm reading for each president. Without knowing that it was Bill Clinton’s hand, this is how Robin Gile described Clinton’s hand (a hand analysis of Hillary Clinton’s hands is available via the ‘SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER READING’ below):

“Presence and Charm”

“This man is adequate — not inspiring, but efficient,” says Gile. “He holds on to past failures too strongly, as indicated by the hollow in his palm, and doesn’t move on. His little finger curves away from his hand, showing that he had high expectations of himself, so high they are probably unrealistic. His index finger shows that he has presence and charm. He’s probably good at getting a room full of people to do what he needed them to do. But the curve of his thumb, and lack of padding on top tells me he’s not a good finisher.”


A ZOOM IN on the hands of Bill Clinton!
Presidential palm reading: the hands of Bill Clinton!
The hand of Hillary Clinton!
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