Michael Jackson: his abnormal fingernails were not due to his vitiligo, nor lupus!

August 4, 2009

Michael Jackson's fingernails at the World Music Awards, november 15, 2006.Michael Jackson's fingernails spotted earlier this year (february, 2009).
Michael Jackson’s fingernails in 2006 (left) & 2009 (right) – ‘click’ for larger versions!

Michael Jackson’s abnormal fingernails, not related to the vitiligo nor the lupus!

While the autopsy results related to Michael Jackson’s death are still unknown (which will likely be presented later this week), there are still many discussions about the state of Michael Jackson’s health – less than 2 weeks before his death his health was described by Dr. Tohme Tohme (a spokesman of Jackson) as: a ‘perfect health‘…?

Michael Jackson was diagnosed in 1986 with vitiligo and lupus. Lupus is known as a potentially lethal disease (heart disease is a major complication in lupus!), but in Michael Jackson it was described to be in remission. Nevertheless, one can wonder: can his fingernail problems be related to the vitiligo and/or the lupus? The answer appears to be a ‘no’:

Vitiligo is related to the following nail disorders:

• Longitudinal striations;
• Trachyonychia (thin & lusterless nails);

Lupus is related to the following nail disorders:

• Nail spooning;
• Irregular, twisted, and dilated vessels at the cutticle.


Out of the 4 described fingernail disorders related to vitiligo and lupus, the 4th can be related to his hand deterioration that was observed in 2009. But none of these fingernail disorders can be related to the typical looks of Michael Jackson’s fingernails during the last 3 years of his life.

But one should not forget that Michael Jackson’s fingernail problems were first recognized by the media in 2006, when members of Michael Jackson’s family were terrified that his escalating dependence on prescription drugs had become a danger to his life.

While Michael Jackson’s lupus was considered to be in remission, one could also speculate that his hand deterioration + his sudden death might have signaled a lupus relapse … due to an excessive use of prescription drugs???


In memoriam: ‘The hands of Michael Jackson’!
Michael Jackson’s white hand glove was to cover the skin disease vitiligo’!
Michael Jackson’s hand cast at Madame Tussauds!
Michael Jackson’s hands: a clue to his sudden death?
Michael Jackson’s single white hand glove!
Michael Jackson’s hands: a manicurist’s worst nightmare!

Another example which illustrates that the “King of Pop” had severe nail problems:
Michael Jackson's dark fingernails.

5 Responses to “Michael Jackson: his abnormal fingernails were not due to his vitiligo, nor lupus!”

  1. hi Says:

    I miss Michael Jackson so much. I think his fingernails are drk because the skin underneath is still his original skin color. Some people with darker skin tend to have dark fingernails.

  2. toni Says:

    These dark fingernails are a result of the prescription bleaching creams Jackson was using. These creams cause the finger nails to darken, like you see in the pictures.

    • handfacts Says:

      Hello Toni,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Could you please try to mention a source (or product review) which confirms your point?

      Regards, Martijn.

  3. Hello ‘lovemichaelforever’,

    Yes, I noticed that other people had questions about his ‘dark’ fingernails as well.

    Therefore I composed a PHOTO ESSAY on his fingernail in time (1983-2009), which confirms that his fingernails really had become ‘darker’ during the final years of his life, see:


    (So, that leaves not much ground for the assumption that his ‘dark’ fingernails were related to his etnicity)

    Feel free to ask more specified questions!!

    Regards, Martijn.

  4. lovemichaelforever Says:

    Don’t forget he is a black man-his fingernails look like a black man’s!

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