5 Doctors in India study link between palmistry & HIV (AIDS)!

July 15, 2009

Doctors in the Sawai Man Singh hospital in Jaipur, India, study potential link between palmistry and HIV (AIDS)!

Doctors in the Sawai Man Singh hospital in Jaipur, India, study potential link between palmistry and HIV (AIDS)!

What is the link between palmistry and HIV (AIDS)? Doctors in Jaipur, India, study the answer!

5 Doctor researchers are studying the hand lines of HIV patients to see if they have changed in any way or if they look any different from the hand lines of normal and healthy people!

Palmistry is a common practise in India for reading people’s personalities, matchmaking between men and women, and for reading their future from the palm of the hand. Now the doctors hope the research may find a connection between palmistry and HIV cases.

HIV (AIDS) concerns a big medical problem in India: around 2.5 million men, women and children are living with the human immuno-deficiency virus, commonly known as HIV. This is about the third in the world after Nigeria and South Africa.

The 5 doctors hope that their study will open a new chapter in identifying and curing HIV patients.

Doctor D.K. Mathur, heading the HIV- dermatoglyphics research said:

“… There’s been hardly any research on dermatoglyphics and its relationship with HIV. We thought that if HIV AIDS have any effect on this (dermatoglyphics) or if there are changes in palm lines if a person is seriously affected by HIV. We’ll study palm printouts of 250 HIV patients and 100 palm printouts of healthy people. We’ll do a comparative study to find what are the major differences in whirls and ridges of palms of these people so that HIV people can be given a cure.”

The study has been cautiously been welcomed by the ‘Rajasthan Network for people living with HIV’.


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One Response to “5 Doctors in India study link between palmistry & HIV (AIDS)!”

  1. Lenda Hand Says:

    Working on Palms as a Palm Reader, I incorporate reflexology charts with a mild massage. Since I have not memorize charts, I have the client hold the chart while I Psychically connect to their body while paying attention to points on the hands reactions.

    For many years, doctors have briefly looked at the fingernails and color of skin to make a quick possible analysis of any circulation disorders.

    Many times, I can see and have studied areas on the hands, wrists, fingers, and nails that are connected to various health issues. Health issues that later on were confirmed by the client that indeed they see, felt, or have hereditary dispositions to ailments I see.

    The head line can also show signs and markings of health concerns related to nuerological, tendencies of headaches, possible trauma, or even disconnection from fainting, under anesthesia, or unconciousness.

    The wrist can give signs of lines showing reproductive organ issues. Sections of the hands can reveal stomach and/or intestinal issues, bladder issues (detoxing system), and digestion irritations.

    I’m glad to see there are more serious studies in the connections and revealing discoveries in this fascinating science.

    FYI, my website may be changing soon. I’m also starting out on eBay under the eBay ID: tigiinne. I do my best to do readings via email.

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