The hand of Madonna & the art of retouching her hands!

May 20, 2009

Madonna can no longer hide her age: it is visible in her hands.

Madonna's hands can no longer hide her age.

The hand of Madonna can no longer hide her age.

Madonna is often discussed because of her tight body, she says it’s the result of a combination of yoga and pilates.

Unfortunately for the 50-year-old Queen of pop her hands can no longer hide her age. The skin of Madonna’s hand is visibly older and the veins are very clearly visible. Whether Madonna will take her hands to a cosmetic surgeon she will likely never tell, because her other suspected plastic surgery was never folder out either.

Sorry Madge, you can’t turn back time on the hands. However, after watching her perform, she still has the energy and drive of someone in their 20’s. Which would you rather have – her looks… or her energy?

By the way, the authenticity of Madonna’s hands in the H&M clothing line is questioned by photography experts (see also the pictures below):

Michelle Facey from David Martin photography studio said:

“I am shocked by what I am seeing. Quite simply, these are someone else’s hands. Madonna has always had quite veiny hands but there is not a line, wrinkle or vein in sight. While it is possible that they have been totally digitally re-touched – her natural skin colour being built up to effectively smooth down the veins – it is more likely that they actually belong to a woman in her twenties.

If you look at the size of her fingers on the right hand compared with her thumb on the left, they are not on the same scale. Her right hand consists of huge, sausage-like fingers, far bigger than its usual size, and is totally out of proportion with the other. Alternatively, Madonna could have had hand fillers injected into the skin of her hands to give them a plumper, more youthful, appearance. But with ever-advanced digital technology, almost anything is possible nowadays, and anyone or any body part, can be made to look younger.”

Maddona's H&M 'Nitrolicious'.Is this really Maddona's hand in the H&M 'Nitrolicious' line?


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