Hand Facts: what can you expect to learn about hands?

April 19, 2009


This blog is an attempt to bring the most interesting & innovating news about the human hand to the world.

Over the past months I have collected a growing database of ‘hand-facts’ (reported worldwide), and now the time has arrived to present these wonderful news about hands to the world!

Hand Facts: what can you expect to learn about hands? This blog will likely be updated on a daily basis. Sometimes the content will be related to a very specific (small) aspect of the human hand – such as: fingerprints (dermatoglyphics), fingernails & other specific hand features – but often the focuss will be pointed at an aspect of the hand which are relates to how we use our hands in daily life!

I hope you will enjoy my ‘hand facts’-trip – focussed on the wonderfull + fascinating aspects of your hand!

Martijn van Mensvoort, MSc.


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